Modern Day Futures "bucket shop"

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by dotslashfuture, May 16, 2003.

  1. anybody familiar with the "bucket shop" described in Livermore's book ? This sounds like the futures equivalent, and in modern times.

    Instead of having you put down margin or deposit, you put down what you want, and on a tiny fractional contract. Their micro e-mini is only $2 x nasdaq 100, the minimum tick is only worth $1/ contract, and their is no minimum margin. Instead, you put down what you can afford to lose, and they set the stop accordingly and guarantee that stop ! If it goes your way, you ride it as long as you like, if it goes against you your tiny account is wiped out. The idea is only put on account your true gambling money.
  2. are you talking about a spreadbetting shop?
  3. where did you hear that? i want in.

    this is great, i really think the next crazy bull market will come crashing and all these high leverage deals will have to be regulated away, but until then I want in - tell me more
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  5. "E Net Speculation S.A. based in Uruguay "