Moderators please delete my username madrid9 and all posts

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by madrid9, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. madrid9


    Moderators I have experience with you guys before

    If I email you and request deletion, nothing happens

    so here is a thread asking you to delete all my posts and account

    please do it, you certanly did it before when I didn't want to

    I have to leave ET

    Best Regards
    Jim K
  2. Ahhh, he is searching for pity. How cute. I'll try to shed a tear for you.
  3. bjg


  4. man


    he's dead, jim.
  5. I wish I could read the original post, but I have this guy on ignore.
  6. The correct phrase in 'old country' wording is: 'BAWBAG'

    Answers on a postcard......:cool:
  7. whatisis


    Please take Bluestreak with you.
  8. man


    sorry, did not want it impolite before. seriously, cut short all
    subscribed threads and leave. i experienced something like that
    on another board. basically i got kicked out and they were right.
    hurts. cut the loss. after some months you are over it ... and yes
    ... it takes THAT long.

    take care.
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    Is this thread in chit-chat yet?
  10. ROTF:D
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