moderators on ET are poor at best

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by journeyman, Jul 7, 2008.

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    this thread shows just one of many pointless abuse slinging threads that exist here.

    a moderator should simply delete all posts that are abusive, no question. it is such a shame that this type of behaviour is condoned here.

    I blame the person who moderates the moderators. whoever that person is, please wake up, do your job, and get the moderators working tokeep the board free of abuse!
  2. Some of us only have access to certain forums. Hit the complain button to report posts you have an issue with. Apart from that, look to who moderates that forum (it is visible in the main forum page) and send them a PM about it.

    Sorry, I cannot assist you as I don't have access to that forum.

    Incidently, every time I see c-kid in the trading forum, I move his stuff to chit-chat or delete it as it is always, without exception, rubbish.
  3. I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hopefully Baron has seen the light that one of the reasons (out of many) why so much abuse occurs and eye sore threads or message posts remains is due to the fact that he has set it up so that moderators cannot go into other areas to moderate except for their own designated section.

    Well...that works as long as the following doesn't occur in which is occurring:

    * Moderators have the title moderator but rarely visit the forum

    The above is one of those black holes or blind spots I mention in an earlier thread here in the feedback.

    Some problematic posters are aware of the above and exploit it heavily.

    Simply, they know where to post their crap and where not to post it because they know their messages or threads will not be edit nor deleted for many days, weeks or months when posted in areas where moderators are inactive or just don't care.

    Also, there's an issue with a few moderators (it was an issue a few months ago when I complained about such to Baron)...

    A few moderators had their pm turned off.

    Thus, out of curiosity, due to the fact that you guys can only moderate your designated area...

    Who cleans up the areas where moderators are inactive when the complaint button is used???

  5. Joe


    The moderators work well, and I can see your point that they are restricted to patrolling their set area. We do this in order to keep track of who is altering posts. We have empowered a select few moderators with moderator privileges of the entire site which usually takes care of the problem stated in the previous posts.

    I am on the site constantly so if there is ever a case where you see a thread going in the wrong direction, just let me know. I can take care of rather quickly.
  6. da-net


    I agree with what the OP is saying and would like to add a few comments.

    What has happened to ET? When I joined it was lots more civil and people helped each other. I am not suggesting that it was a "Garden of Eden" but it was definitely better than it is now. Sure there were a few that liked to bash every comment but I don't remember them being so abundant. After awhile it is like a bunch of children arguing and is pointless.

    I have a theory that the most abusive posters are the poorest traders, unable to control their emotions, or both and must vent their anger somewhere. This may be an expressed need for attention.

    There seems to be more threads that are started without the OP looking to see if a thread already exists that his comments would fit into appropriately and limit the amount of similar threads. Not to forget that threads are mis-titled as well.

    The big question...Is it possible to turn things around on ET and get the forum back to where it is civil and we help each other or is it simply too late? Or is this the downside of the bell curve for ET?
  7. I am guessing others would disagree

    Seems to me that YOU are the main reason we have problems here.

    If you don't like it here, I think leaving is your best option

    We will be sorry to see you go, as you provide excellent comedy material

    Excuse me now, I am "long and strong" and have to pay attention to my trade.

  8. Joe


    Ha ha, this is classic. You contribute to a thread that complains about people on the boards making fun of other people and calling them names, when in fact you are doing the exact same thing.
  9. One of the problems you have Trader28 is your lack of character

    We had some controversey about the death of my relatives, but that was cleared up long ago...

    It served YOUR purpose to bring it up, only because I and others are intent on moving you off the site...Suddenly this is an important issue for you, when it was not just a few months ago..

    Thats called lack of character

    either comply with the site rules or get off the site

    I hope thats clear enough for you

  10. Thats right

    You have no character

    and bringing it up over and over makes you look like a scumbag

    Good job making my point for me...

    #10     Jul 7, 2008
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