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Discussion in 'Events' started by Baron, Oct 24, 2002.

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  1. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Several new forums have been created recently to better organize the discussion and to accomodate the growth of the community. If you are not familiar with the new forums, you can visit the forums front page or check out the descriptions at the bottom of this post.

    The creation of the new forums combined with the fact that one of our moderators is unable to continue moderating means that there is a need for some new volunteers to help keep the discussion organized and clean. Being a moderator is not a difficult task. In fact, most of the time you probably won't have to do anything. The most common task is having to delete stupid posts like those from unauthorized advertisers or spammers. Occasionally, you may have to move a thread if it is put into the wrong forum but that's about it. All of the moderation tasks can be done with just a click or two so that the moderation process requires the least amount of time possible on your part.

    Here are the forums that need a moderator:

    - Technical Analysis
    - Strategy Trading
    - Retail Firms
    - Psychology

    If you are a Senior Member or Elite Member, please consider volunteering to become a moderator. If you can help me out, please let me know which forum you would be most interested in moderating by replying to this thread, or by sending me a PM.

    Forum Overview

    1. Technical Analysis - TA junkies, this is your forum for talking about technical indicators and chart patterns.

    2. Strategy Trading - The area for talking about backtesting, formula writing, and other aspects of strategy design.

    3. Retail Firms - A forum for exchanging information on direct-access firms that cater to retail traders.

    4. Psychology - Discuss the psychological aspects of trading such as fear, greed, discipline, emotional control, etc.
  2. Sign me up for psychology

    I am as good a head case as anyone
  3. bronks


    I think that this site is prospering enough for the moderators to be compensated in some way for their troubles. Maybe the job would then be taken a little more serious. If you could somehow clone some mini-Magnas, you'd be set.
  4. I can moderate . . . what else . . . Technical Analysis. :D
  5. I will help you moderate. In fact, I'm sure if I become a moderator, ET will experience a civil-war.
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