Moderators have destroyed elitetrader

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  1. Some moderators have destroyed elitetrader because of their reckless and biased decisions. Now elitetrader viewership is low. I trying hard to bring back viewers and readers to elitetrader but finding it difficult.

    I am also trying to promote elitetrader advertisers to show support.

    Baron, put some sense into moderator's head before it is too late.
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    i noticed whenever i posted some links to another forum, it got modified by the moderator into something like or similar. so my intended direction to another forum's information is lost. not sure if this is censorship but certainly makes me angry.
  3. I remember 1 or 2 years back elitetrader viewership was very high. Good threads in economics section with important information and proper discussions would receive 5000 or 10,000 views in a single day. But now few threads receive 5000 views in a month. I have been observing Elitetrader for past 2 years+ for my advertisement requirement. I had suggested new advertisement space in elitetrader to Baron but he did not agree to it.

    I have given excellent business offer to Baron many times but he ignored/rejected my offer. Baron thinks the massive space telescope which he has, is the only real thing in the world. Baron the real world is on Earth and not in universe. Some of your moderators are destroying elitetrader and you are watching Moon, Jupiter, Sun and universe through your telescope. I had a phone discussion with Baron but nothing changed.

    Super Moderator "Magna" is responsible for supervision of other moderators but I think Magna is never available in other sections of elitetrader. Magna is intelligent but he/she has no knowledge of other moderators idiotic and baised decisions.

    Morganist is intelligent and morganist should be promoted to SuperModerator status so that Magna and Morganist can share the work load.

    Majority of my threads are posted in economics and this section has 3 moderators "Tgregg", Joe, morganist.

    Economics section is the most valuable and high veiwed section that is the reason "Lightspeed" (advertisers) have purchased advertisement for Economics. I had a discussion with Lightspeed yesterday and I said to them "I found Lightspeed on elitetrader".

    Now economics has low viewership thanks to "Tgregg and Joe". My main suspect is "Tgregg" because Joe and replied to me 2 days. Tgregg has never spoken to me.

    Baron, I am waiting for your reply in this thread.
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    You are a saint.

    All of your aliases.
  5. Haven't YOU been posting in the econ forum for some time now? Maybe bearice is responsible for the low viewership??

    bearice needs to step up her game!

  6. All my threads in economics receive high viewership within 1 or 2 hours of getting posted but some moderator moves it to Politics and the thread dies. I post usually European morning time and when USA moderator arrive the thread is moved. Early USA time till night is when the maximum elitetrader viewers arrive.
  7. I think elitetrader must have received 400 new viewers/readers in 2 days because of my posting in other forums.
  8. 1) That was "bogus". Somebody figured out a way to manipulate the view count via an algorithm. :mad:
    2) The majority of your threads are pessimistic ramblings. :(
    3) Participation and viewership may increase if there is a raging bull market in stocks. Wait quietly and patiently until then. :cool:
  9. The thread about Japan nuclear disaster reaching level 7 received 5000 views on first day in wall street section.

    We need another Magnitude 9.5 Earthquake to bring back viewers to elitetrader.

    Forget bull markets in stocks for many years. Only few good companies/stocks will increase many times. Remaining 95%+ world stocks are in serious trouble.
  10. There is a thread in forexfactory that receives 50,000 to 100,000 views everyday. This thread has received 44 million views in 7 years. Which comes to average 17,200 views everyday for past 7 years.

    Some moderators have destroyed elitetrader.
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