'Moderators' Banned From Starting Threads

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  1. I know this website unfortunately has an interest in promoting certain methodologies and persons with agendas but maybe a little sop to the hoi poloi might be to prevent 'moderators' from initiating threads.I don't have the luxury of putting these characters on ignore so instead of just being able to view this website for the occasional good titbit of information,I have to be constantly reminded of its darker side.It would be better if this wasn't so.
  2. Can you give a specific example of what you're talking about?
  3. Joe


    Yes, examples please.
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    That makes no sense, "they are either real good or real bad, because there not paid" you obviously assume that we just allow anyone to become a moderator. There is certain characteristics that we look for when selecting a moderator, which cuts out the "real bad".
  5. The mods here are the best. I'm serious.

    This is probably because very little speech is limited here.

    In almost 3 years, I've only mod alerted one post asking that it be removed or at least moved - I even wonder whether I should have done that in retrospect, because suppressing speech that is even considered vile only drives it below the surface where it festers.

    At any rate, there are mods here who I relate to in terms of my political and economic views, and those that I don't - and vice-versa.

    I haven't had a single problem with either. I can't imagine what it would take to actually incur a problem with a moderator on ET, just because of the structure of the site, and I definitely think it's unnecessary to prevent mods from starting threads or do anything that any regular member can, so long as they're fairly administering their moderating duties in all other respects.
  6. I agree for the most part, but Ivanovich not only moves the thread that I originate, but the threads that I start participating in to chit chat. Example:


    I also see some deletion of messages in the following post. Why are we editing people's threads? Was their some type of profane language or message in this thread that goes against the code of conduct? It doesnt appear that way to me:


    (look at the quotes, there are obviously a few messages missing in the thread and they were deleted by Ivanovick)

    This is truely bias and I bet this thread about mods will either be deleted or locked.
  7. +1
  8. Tums tried to stab me with an icepick in an alley during Mardi Gras once, but that was a totally different situation.
  9. Seems like a sound practice on his part.
  10. Clever and poignant..

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