Moderators? Any worth following?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ba7718, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. ba7718


    I have heard of a webcast where the moderators display their screens, showing the actual entries and exits they are taking.

    To a skeptic, it kind of sounds like either the moderators are calling "bracket" entry's against their true "scalp" trades they put on the other pc that isnt being webcasted and get the scalp liquidity from the viewers.

    Dont know if it is BS or worth following. They do have a killer track record of profitability and it is steamed in real time. Does it even matter at that point if they are scalping against their viewers?

    Any one follow or know of reputable webcasts that actualy show the moderators entries in real time?

  2. pookie


    Interesting concept. Hope you get some replies.
  3. bstay


    why not trade against these moderators? then you are in the same trade as what they put on the other PC.