Moderators allow Cheering of Iraqi Military

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by MondoTrader, Mar 26, 2003.

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  1. Now the moderator is allowing the cheering of Iraqi military forces in the Chit Chat section. This web site is based just a few hundred miles from the general command in Tampa, Fl USA. The vast majority of the legitamate users are americans and the majority of americans are in favor of this war. You are doing a disservice to your country by allowing pro iraqi cheerleading on this web site. I've heard from people telling me to let it go but I certainly don't have to. In fact I can drive to your offices in a few hours and bring a few dozen picketers with me if need be. And I can alert your sponsers to what they are really paying for on this site.
  2. After carefully following all the events of the war I've come to the conclusion that the Iraqi military needs all the help it can get. :D However, why anyone would want to give that help is beyond me.
  3. fine, since you are moderator and I assume an american citizen, and you are working for a privately run web site that can do whatever it wants, you can MODERATE the discussion in the Chit Chat section.

    I am not talking about being against Bush, or even against the war, I am talking about open cheering for the Iraqi troops to kill american soldiers, which has been allowed to happen with no interference at all.
  4. If you would simply click on the Kill link for said inappropriate post(s), it can be dealt with by the moderator who handles that particular forum, in the case of Chit Chat, Babak.

  5. this rate. im going to chear for somebody to shoot you!!
    will you relax today???/ This war has gotten you out of your routine....take two pamprim, a glass of hot tea and got to will all be ok.....
  6. this crap isn't funny, and it isn't right. This war is real, people are dying. Making light of it, or siding with the enemy is morally wrong and should be stopped. If you want to see that kind of thing get a satellite feed of iraqi TV.

    I come here to talk about trading primarily but got sucked in by the most horrible anti-american bashing I have ever seen. I could ignore it but it would be wrong to do so and let them think they are unopposed. I have taken this up with the owner of the web site, we will see if anything gets done.
  7. Trane


    Mondo you are a fucking moron!

  8. bone


    So is Babak an Iraqi sympathizer? Is that the implication?
  9. lmao:D
  10. 1. Only Babak (the moderator for chit chat) and Baron (the Administrator) can edit or remove posts for that forum.

    2. In case you have forgotten MondoTrader, the www in stands for WorldWide Web. Although this site is made up largely of Americans it is still an International community, and as such, people of all races, religions, nationalities, and opinions have a right to post their view. I personally do not condone the cheering for Iraqi troops to kill American soldiers, neither do I condone the cheering for American troops to kill Iraqi soldiers. I would like this war to end with the minimum amount of casualties on either side. However, if you are going to allow pro American views, you also have to allow pro Iraqi views.

    3. Why did you make the assumption that TriPack was an American citizen. I don't know if he is or isn't, but it sounds as if you are implying that moderators should be American citizens.

    I suggest you just relax and let the Chit Chat forum do what it is designed to do and that is to keep off trading topics off the front page of ET. Babak has a tough forum to moderate and you are not making it any easier.
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