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  1. Hi I am moderator here. If you have any issues please contact me. I am the only one here so please pm me.
  2. Nem0


    ssoooo.......what's up doc...(chewing a carrot)
  3. Hey moderator, we need some meet up parties for traders!
  4. ya can you pull some strings get baron to expense acct it :D
  5. Yep, it would be just promotion expense. I think that's a tax deductible expense.

    Try to arrange it in Las Vegas on a long weekend.

    There should be pool table....swimming pool for ladies to swim in. There should be free drinks, hor d'ourves, and dinner too. :D

    Also, try to get some of the current sponsors (only the good ones) to join in the party and sponsor the event.

  6. don't forget the hookers :D
  7. Get a few go-go dancers, but no hookers! I don't want to be charged with found-in a bawdy house.

    It gotta be done right! Upscale, sophisticated, and sexy at the same time!

    I hope morganist could get the job done. :D
  8. hey it's vegas. they'll come to you. was goes on in vegas stays in vegas :D
  9. good luck, morganist...

    Thanks for taking on this role.

    1) Biggest problem in "Hook-Up" seems to be trading businesses masquerading as individuals. They seem not to like the concept of paying ET for a sponsorship, so they like to pop in here and troll for possible customers. Often looks like "hey, we are going to have a meeting at our faciility..." Or "we will be having a speaker who will..."

    Hook-up is basically for local traders to get together. But to commercial interests, they translate it as "promotional opportunity".

    There is someone who often puts up Toronto meetings, but is actually a company. Has been deleted once or twice, but the temptation is too great.

    2) There is also user "mizhael" Has started 2 threads sniffing around for female traders to "hang out with". I get the idea of a 14-year old or a geekish hermit with a trader-girl fetish. Could be harmless, but with some of the predators and other love-starved guys out there on the net, I wouldn't even wish my enemy's sister to "hang out" that way.
  10. one more thing, landlords trying to lure in traders to fill empty office space.

    Some are legit traders wanting to share space, but some are just trying to turn ET into a mini craigslist
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