Moderator Out of Control!!!

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by optionalivan, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. Ivanovich is a moderator who is out of control. he is banning everyone cause they may have lookalike IP's--- did the moron ever consider some of us are in offices with 1000 plus people on the same IP ??

    Please stop this idiot before he does some real damage to your site.

    Truly an overzealous, bullied, little man with an authority complex.
  2. Nah, he does a good job. Let's keep him.
  3. Sorry Surf. You're using the same Verizon ip you've always used. Banned.

    It's quite easy to see if an IP is a proxy, a static line or an office.
  4. lol:D
  5. He's banning everyone he;s a rogue mod off his meds with a FAT FINGER!!! lol :D
  6. I vote we let Surfy come back. The guy is funny as hell.

    Remember that fat, kind of slow kid everybody made fun of in school? Yep that's Surf.
  7. I say Surf should be allowed back too. Who cares if he has a used rubber from Timmay hanging out of his ass.

  8. Ivan is one of the best mods here, sorry...
  9. cstfx


    Why does surf need to constantly keep returning to this site? What's his fascination with it? If I was banned as many times as he has, I'd think about haunting a different site. Kinda juvenile to try and keep coming back under sock puppet after sock puppet.
  10. He's just more bored than the rest of us.
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