Moderator messing with my post

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Pekelo, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Pekelo


    In the ES thread I made a post on page 1500 saying:

    It was a joke, but the "No" part is moderated out, thus now can not be seen, which is a malicious intent to show that I am actually blackguard.

    I am just curious, which kind moderator was the culprit??

    P.S.: Message to that asshole: Don't mess with my posts when there is nothing wrong about them. Abuse your wife, not the moderator privilages....
  2. don't mess with my post.. this my enitire4 LIFE..m wahhh wahh wahh
  3. some moderators are also abusing their role. There should be standards for censorship, not because the moderator did not LIKE it. I posted something, and the moderator who was directly involved and disagreed, took it upon himself to delete it.

    Kind of makes you want to delete the moderator :mad:
  4. Did TGregg put us in this handbasket before he left? If so, where did he intend for us to go in our new ride?

  5. Any banned post by peckerloaf is a good post. Keep up the good work mods. Just ban the dusch.:cool:
  6. Just do over.

  7. Funny pic.
  8. 1)maybe your not wanted here
    2)maybe blackguard doesn't like you
    3)maybe ET likes blackguard
    4)maybe blackguard has been around a long time
    5)maybe blackguard has brought people to ET
    6)maybe blackguard has promoted ET
    7)maybe blackguard has connections

    think about it.