Moderator Admits he has Anti-War Bias

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MondoTrader, Mar 26, 2003.

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    I've seen no real need for the US to be bombing Iraq. No threat to our country or others, from Iraq recently.
  2. This explains everything. Its time that members know that their moderators are here to bash patriotism in all its forms, except perhaps Iraqi or French patriotism. This is outrageous. You are firmly in the minority, and the majority has freedom of speech as well.
  3. You have chosen to define "freedom of speech" as say any damn thing you want at any time no matter who it hurts. Well in that case, FUCK YOU. Gonna ban me now? How much of a hypocrite are you really ? We will see.
  4. Why do some ET members feel that moderators can't post opinions? And why does Mondotrader think that moderators have to be "pro war"

    When I volunteered to be a moderator, no one asked me whether I like war or not.
  5. If you are a moderator for EliteTrader, chances are you love war -- especially since you get a chance to play god amongst the little user battles that take place on a daily basis.
  6. Mondo, you're being unreasonable. Moderators are not restricted to post their opinions, be they pro-war or against. Nor should they be. Whether or not you agree with their opinion, they have every right to state it just as you do.

    I've had my differences with a moderator before, dgabriel to be specific, over what I perceived as a bias in his opinion that extended to allowing profanity to be used in personal attacks. Baron set me straight by informing me I have to use the "kill" link if a post is offensive; if I don't, the profanity may or may not remain. It seems some moderators are quicker to correct profanity than others, who seem to tolerate it until someone reports it via the "kill" link. The point is that ET moderators are not Gestapo-like cybercops making sure opinions posted here all conform to the pro-government stance. Their main job is to make sure there isn't any hyping or unpaid marketing going on in the threads, not to be the thought police.

    Go ahead and argue with them and others until eternity, that is your right in this great country of ours. But don't expect them to have to conform to your point of view. You're making a fool of yourself insisting it should be otherwise.
  7. whocares


    What happened to the freedom of the speech and freedom to give an opinion ? And why do they make such a big buss out of anti-war opinions ? Is this the USA or the USSR ???
  8. The Moderator is BIASED. Thats the point. You can't be a MODERATOR if you favor one side.
  9. I think the problem may be that you're taking the term "moderator" literally. It isn't an accurate term for what they do on ET. Perhaps they should be called something else that better describes their duties since being un-biased/neutral definitely is not one of them.
  10. Andre as moderator on a trading web site is like making Rush Limbaugh moderator of a socialist web site.
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