Moderate Muslims...??

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    I believe that there are plenty of moderate Muslims here in Chicago...and in most other cities of the world. But why are they NEVER out in the streets to protest when radical Muslims kill another 100 or so fellow MUSLIMS? Oftentimes while in PRAYER in a MOSQUE??

    I know...the question has been asked and ignored so many times that only subjective suppositions remain, like the western ideal that there MUST be a moderate, rational faction to ANY group.

    But lately I am thinking that the only logical conclusion to this conundrum is that..."moderate" Muslims, simple do not exist!
  2. Why don't we see moderate republicans out in the streets protesting when radical extremist republicans like Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, etc. make their outrageous claims?

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    Same reason. If ppl think they might gain something by letting someone else do the dirty work, they tend to just standby and watch. Hitler and the German people are a prime example.

    Interesting that many Germans initially thought of Hitler the same way that many liberals and moderates (and maybe conservatives) think of Rush Limbaugh; he's just a harmless clown.

    Sort of the way ppl in this forum think of Z10. :D
  4. How many people have Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter murdered? The answer is zero. How many people have radical extremist muslims murdered? The answer is hundreds of thousands if not millions. Duh! It takes a special kind of idiot to compare the actions of Limbaugh, Hannity and Coulter to the actions of Osama bin Laden, Hamas, Hezbollah...
  5. You don't understand principles, comparative concepts or analogies, do you?

  6. Sad but true...

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    Tom B

    You don't understand the "age of consent", do you?
  8. If moderate muslims spoke out more against extremist muslims it would do a lot to suppress the ever growing racism towards all muslims in the west. I think an earlier poster had it right by saying that they don't speak out more because if extremist muslims prevail, they might have something to gain.
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    I was under the impression a Muslim practices Islam, a religion not a race.
  10. i bet you cheerful bunch of bigots don't have too many Muslim friends?
    as much as you would like to believe what you say is true so that you may justify your prejudice and "dislike" towards THEM, almost every Islamic country condemned 9-11 and there is at least one group here in the states that condemns Saudi Arabia and terrorism, in general
    besides, your average would be islamic protestor may still be living in fear of George's patriot act and its countless constitutional exemptions for random Muslims or their associates, be it the disregard of the 6th amendment, 4th or maybe even the 8th amendment for the extra lucky ones.
    the better question might be, do rational right wingnuts exist?
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