Modem problem solved!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by street carp, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. (This is totally separate from my previous posts about freezing charts and problems with Charter.)

    For a long time I've had my streaming Java charts sporadically "fall asleep", where I had to refresh them or reconnect to get the streaming going again. I was using a 3 year old Ambit speedstream 60678EU cable modem supplied to me originally from Charter so I thought it wouldn't hurt to replace it. At the least I'd have a spare modem.

    And, for the record, both modems checked out fine as far as uploading/downloading and quality of connection, but unless there was some incredible coincidence, the new modem I just bought, a Motorola surfboard SB5120 solves this particular Java problem. I know it's been just one day, but this "falling asleep" had been happening 5+ times a day.

    Just thought I'd share this with anyone else who has been putting up with something like this thinking it was just "normal".
  2. If you have problems with the new one in the future check and see if there is a new firmware update. You can do this also for your router. Since doing this for my old Lynksis router it's definitely improved my internet connectivity.
  3. My ISP controls the firmware updates. I looked into that first. They don't even list my old modem as "approved" anymore so maybe it needed updating and wasn't updated.