modem lights flashing ON, NetWorx alarming 'no data' ? ? ?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Wallace, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. had Oanda FXTrade and MetaTrader 4 running for several hours and about 8:32am
    after the NFP release FXT disconnects, try Connect and nothing happens, Exit FXT
    also close MT but try to start FXT again via website 'install desktop' and NetWorx
    starts to sound its alarm
    I have NetWorx Notification set to 'less than 1kb in 3 secs' and the alarm's repeating
    constantly but . . . all the modem lights are on . . . how could that be ?

    shut the computer down, restart, login to FXT, start MT, everything ok -
    what might be going on ? or not going on ?
  2. Typical behavior of fx brokers. During news release they cannot find anyone to hedge their trades so they shut down systems. I stopped trading fx through platforms because of this repeating act.
  3. broker aside, I don't understand how come the modem's saying 'you've got data'
    and NetWorx's saying 'no you don't'
  4. As with most troubleshooting, process of elimination works. Why don't you try other data intensive things like skype and see how that works? Or doing some tests on Networx, a quick look up, appears to be free app so may have bugs.
  5. dandxg, thanks for the suggestion but I just don't know enough about computer
    processes to use the elimination method
    maybe it had something to do with the Java part of how FXT works

    NetWorx could be bugged but it's set to a very small amount, because when my
    ISP occassionally goes down I'm slow to catch it and NetWorx's notification is fast

    just discovered NetWorx has a forum so I'll post there and see if anyone has ideas