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  1. Anyone have experience with this? Good, bad, indifferent?
  2. Cheese


    "Modafinil is a mood-brightening and memory-enhancing psychostimulant which enhances wakefulness and vigilance."

    Have you got some sort of sleep malfunction?
  3. Hah no, I thouroghly enjoy sleeping but I've been working mad hours and then spending the rest of the time on system development and that leaves little time for sleep. It's just that when I'm awake, I want my mind to be as sharp as possible. I already do obvious things like working out/running regularly but that only does so much.

  4. Avoid hanging around too much at ET's. This will give you a big push in the right direction.
  5. haha, don't quit your day job. :p

    Although you are probably right, I haven't been posting much lately.

  6. Works very well, you will be super awake, but not in a nerve jangling's very smooth..not like too much caffeine

    Concentration, ability to stay on task, and even do work you normally would not like are all sig. improved.

    I used it last year for 2 months to combat the fatigue of EB Virus.

    Caution ... will keep you "awake" for about 15-18 hours.


  7. Thanks for the reply. Fascinating, is there varying dosages? I don't want to completely wack out my schedule but sometimes I'm on a 'roll' so to speak and my productivity is flowing so well I don't want to stop, cause a lot of good stuff is missed by the start up and slow down time. E.g, the difference between doing 100 tasks at once, or concentrating all energy on 1 task, the overhead associated with switching between lots of smaller tasks decreases the total output. This is not for work, just my personal stuff. Did you notice any bad side effects?

  8. Comes in 200 mg tabs...standard dose

    Tabs are scored so you break it in half if you just want 100 mg.

    Didn't notice any side effects for me aside from "it lasts too long" ..and basically I was getting tired of being so alert, while my body craved sleep.

    Also it's expensive..700 for a months supply without insurance, 50 bucks on a copay

    Give it a shot. You will most definately like what it does.

  9. Acetyl L Carnitine + the redox couple of Alpha Lipoic Acid[RLA > DHLA] and Delta Tocotrienol:

    The cocktail is far more efficacious than the Cephalon drug with actual health benefits. Throw in some ubiquinone[Co-Q10]. It's all about citric acid cycle/cellular metabolism rather than masking symptoms with stimulants. The ALCAR passes the B/B barrier and improves neuro + cognitive functioning through various pathways. Read the medline white papers on ALCAR.

  10. ja, took amino complex L-isoleucin-leucin-valin'n'carneitine..very good for da liver also.
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