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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by luisHK, Apr 5, 2012.

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    According to the following link, under the IB cost plus commission scheme, my MOC trades should be chargeded 0.0035 + 0.001 per share through ARCA. Sometimes it happens that way, but pretty often, like today, I get charged around 0.0075 per share (0.075257 today according to the trade log).

    Any idea why, and how I could fix the issue ?
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    When you called and asked IB, what did they say the extra charge is for.
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    I opened a ticket with IB the same time I started this thread. Issue under review.
  4. How many shares per trade? If only a couple hundred, you may be getting hit by the min ticket charge on your smaller orders.
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    There was nothing wrong, fee differential mostly came from the transaction fee on sales, which adds up per share when dealing with 100usd+ per share issues. Mostly trading futures nowadays and missed the obvious regulatory fee.
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    there is a minimum fee on every order

    from their Cost plus page:

    [2] USD 0.35 minimum per order for monthly volume exceeding 100,000,000 shares.
    USD 0.70 minimum per order for monthly volume up to 100,000,000 shares.
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    Minimum fee has no relation with my case, the extra cost came from the transaction fee on DIA and SPY sales. It comes to .0029usd/share on DIA@130 for instance

    Transaction Fees
    (Stocks, ETF, Warrants, Rights, Voting Trust Certificates) USD0.0000224*Value of Aggregate Sales