MOC Orders?

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  1. I've seen several references to MOC orders recently. Could someone let me know what MOC stands for and a basic explaination of why it is useful (I saw S&P adjustments already).

    I use TS6 but haven't seen any reference to MOC orders. The term is listed as a reserved word in the index. Is there any way to mimic MOC orders without having this specific capability?

    Thanks for any (helpful) replies.
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    MOC stands for Market On Close
  3. MOC = "Market (order) - on - Close" which simply gives the final price for the day to the order, buy or sell. These orders are used a lot by institutions, mutual funds, and the like....and by traders who know how to benefit from them. You can check the thread about S&P adds for a little more insight into how to use them.

  4. I believe it's 3000 shares minimum?
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    1] would a MOO be the opposite? That is the first print from the specialist? Thanks.

    2] 3000 shares min?! where did you get this?
  6. The minimum is 100 shares

  7. I guess it varies by firm. That's why I used the question mark.
  8. No minimums....and MOO ("market on open" is not what we do on the opening, we always use limit orders on the opening strategy...

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    Don, yes I know (I lurk in you OO thread :) )

    What I mean to say was, if you want the opening print (like when you want to close a MOC from friday) you can do so by entering a MOO, right? Thanks.
  10. At what other times do these MOC orders really work well? You said earlier that you do these when institutions have good reasons to be buying and selling. What are a couple of other predictable circumstance that this would occur? Friday was a special circumstance with the index additions.
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