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  1. Recently I've listened to some intriguing talk about how MOC orders can swing the market this way or that coming into the close?

    It is fairly common to see a declining index futures price with a sting in the tail .. say Ym 30 points up off the bottom in the last hour or even sometimes a big surge up 60 points plus?

    What is the majority view or experience? What about individual stocks? What about stock market index futures in general?
  2. My experience with this is to watch the last 15 minutes and spreadsheet it.

    Your columns should indicate you direction to be executed according to your systems call. Then do an MFE and MFE of the last 15 minutes to draw one of two conclusions: (you can actully put on a side trade too!)

    When I'm long, get out at the 15 minutes before mark.

    When I am short, get out in the last 45 seconds.


    Versa Vice....

    Michael B.
  3. also...

    Fridays and holiday schedules are special. Lots of folks go flat...(Wednesday and Thursdays, there is a lot of posturing in Retail Spot Forex too...but that is another story)
  4. There are specific things to watch for with MOC's, based on time frames starting at 3:30, 3:40, 3:50 and of course, 3:59 or so. Expirations are different, month end, quarter end, are obviously a bit different as well.

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  7. Don, you are the resident expert on Elitetrader.

    Without taking up your time giving a big post, can you give us a few examples on the time frames you mention?

    Many thanks.
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