Mobius Sees Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index at 30,000, why not 50,000............

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    Just make it 50,000, we all know its going to 50,000 by mid 2008.

    Mobius Sees Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index at 30,000 (Update1)

    By Catherine Yang and Hanny Wan
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    Oct. 11 (Bloomberg) -- The prospect that Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index will rise to 30,000 points is ``quite possible,'' said Mark Mobius, who oversees $45 billion in emerging-market stocks at Templeton Asset Management Ltd.

    That's 5 percent higher than yesterday's close in a benchmark that has risen 45 percent this year. Investors are buying mainland Chinese companies' that trade in Hong Kong, he said.

    ``That's where the opportunity is,'' Mobius said in an interview today in Hong Kong.

    The $2.2 billion Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust Plc has risen 47 percent this year, the second-highest return for an emerging-markets equity fund among funds that hold more than $2 billion in assets, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

    Mobius said there is a ``reasonable chance'' the U.S. Federal Reserve will cut interest rates this month. He is maintaining his weighting in energy shares, saying Chinese oil stocks ``have a way to go.''

    The fund manager said he is buying consumer banks, finance companies and retail stocks for a new emerging-markets small-cap fund.

    Investors are treating stocks in emerging markets as a ``haven,'' he said.
  2. Ancient Chinese proverb, Confucius say------"When emerging markets turn into submerging markets, must be very careful."
  3. When momentum of a runaway market start it takes a significant event to stop it. (e.g. HK properties bubble pre 1997)

    So why not 50,000.
  4. I called for 50k right here a week ago.