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    We are happy to introduce mobileTWS support for Android tablets. This initial release includes market data, trading and account management functionality with the following features:
    • Watchlists with streaming quotes
    • Advanced bar and line charting
    • The Orders view with the ability to submit orders
    • The Portfolio view to see your current positions
    • Account information to track your account activity.

    Would you please give it a try by visiting from your Android Tablet, clicking on over the air install and following installation steps? You should first allow installation of non-market app on your device, this configuration is typically found in Device Administration section.

    Please let us know about your experience by either posting here, PM'ing me directly or sending email to aTWS [at sign]
  2. Nice! Very.. It installed and is running on my Nexus 7 with no problems.. Of course, it is software and the day is not over yet :)
  3. ok, I'm using the simulation account. I placed an order for aud.usd.. got a message about it being an odd-lot, then I requested an email alert, it said something about there being no email address on record and I should edit the alert.. I do not see where I can go to edit an alert. Maybe that can't be done from the mobile software? I will admit to a lot of ignorance with regard to TWS, I use a third party front end and trade via the api.
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    1. Will the android MobileTWS have the same functionality/features as the iPad MobileTWS?

    2. If No to above, which version MobileTWS will have the greater feauture/functionality set? iPad/MobileTWS or androidTablet/MobileTWS.

    3, Is there a list of which devices are supported by Android MobileTWS/Tablet and Android MobileTWS/Smartphone.
    [Similar to the different formats for iPhone/iPad MobileTWS]
    [i.e. which application/format applys on a Galaxy Note II "PHablet"]

    4, Will the Tablet MobileTWS support BookTrader?

    Migrating away from IOS and the lack of MobileTWS support for Android Tablet has forced me to maintain iTunes/iPad. The news for Android/Tablet support is welcome news indeed.

    Thank you kindly

    IB MobileTWS support page for ref:
  5. NoBias


    As a side note.

    Reviewing the iPhone and iPad user manuals, I was curious why Booktrader is available on the MobileTWS/iPhone but not on the larger screened MobileTWS/iPad. Intuitively one would think that that Booktrader would benefit from the larger screen space.

    This relates to my previous question #4 above, if MobileTWS/Android Tablet will support Book Trader.

    imho this would be a very welcomed and useful feature which hopefully isn't omitted in the Android version.

    Kind regards.
  6. NoBias


    Darn 30-minute edit limit... [Archaic forum format]

    Above Post regarding Booktrader functionality omitted on iPad was erroneous. I hadn't realized the functionality was incorporated.

    Reading the release notes of MobileTWS iPad, it appears version 4.11 MobileTWS added Booktrader, which is encouraging.
    [Note: online user manual does not reflect the update regarding booktrader].

    Apologies for the misinformation, I had relied on the user manual and didn't check the release notes....

    Time to update MobileTWS on iPad
    Looking forward to the day I can eliminate iTunes completely, detest that program....
  7. Does this differ from the mobileTWS app that's been in the google play store for months?
  8. GTS


    I notice when I log into the mobile app that I am disconnected from my deskop TWS session (and vice-versa).

    MBTrading allows me to be logged into their desktop app and their mobile app at the same time.

    I like to leave my desktop TWS running all the time so getting bumped off when I want to use the mobileTWS for a short time is a deal breaker for me.
  9. NoBias


    Typical behaviour for IB regardless if Mobile Device or Second Computer.

    Easily solved with 2nd Username/same account #
  10. GTS


    Thanks, this sounds great except for this part:

    "1. In accordance with market data vendor requirements, the account will be assessed a separate market data subscription fee for each user account added. In addition, user account market data subscriptions are tied to and cannot vary from that of the account holder."

    So I would be charged a monthly market data subscription fee for this second account unless I use it to trade enough to meet the minimums?
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