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    I have tested using the iPad 2 to do some mobile trading and the following is my finding. My main focus is index option trading.

    * Schwab - iMoble works but does not support index option like $SPX. The SSP/SSE is a PC based app and the only way is to log on to their regular browser web site and do an option trade. Not very good.

    * OX - works but their index option quotes are not complete. For example the Jul11 quotes starts at 1275 and ends at 1405.If you use the browser, it starts at 200 and ends at 1650. But Safari is able to use their browser platform minus the streaming due to the Java issue with iPad. So, OX iMobile is the best so far.

    * Speedtrader - My account is new and not everything is working yet. Their iDasTrader is not working at all with iPhone and iPad. The DasTrader (developenr) support has no response at all - Something is wrong. Anybody able to use the DasTrader with their iPhone 4 and iPad 2? I do not have a way to monitor my trading yet when I am using the iPad offsite. Hope to resolve that soon. The web browser trade platform for Speedtrader is also PC based as it demands Silverlight to be loaded and iPad cannot do that.

    Anybody has come across a broker with a good Mobile platform for iPad?


  2. The best solution I have found is to buy Logmein Ignition for the Ipad and just remote to your desktop.
  3. Why ipad? Why not a netbook? They're roughly the same size, one is a pretend computer while the other is a full blown mini-laptop...
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    IB has a very nice native solution, with all the instruments from usual tws platform.
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    Thanks guys for the input -

    The PC access software probably not capable of transferring a streaming app from the PC and I would not like to pay the iPAD 3G bill on that. Yes, I Have netbooks and have been using them for Schwab, OX etc.. Actually, a simple web browser app will do the job like OX. I find out that the iPAD apps is really making it easier and easier to make decisions. I think it is the future and the near future. All stock brokers are implementing their apps in iPhone format and it should work on iPAD also. The SpeedTrader problem is very strange and I hope they can fix it. Anyway, I have the Optionshouse as my next target. If I have any good luck, I'll post.


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    Just check out Optionshouse site. Sign in for a demo and test the real comm rate (incl. exchange fees still pretty good). Also test the IPad app and it is extremely simple/primitive and works. The Java local PC app works well also. Looks like a winner to me. Now, only if they have portfolio margin account !!!
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    so the one for ipad is different to the one for iphone? I use the IB TWS iphone app, which is working nicely, but there's a ton of features of the real IB TWS missing.

  8. I agree.

    Logme in to control your trading desktop is great.
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    Why would anyone use a toy to trade.
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    The reason of pick this tool and a Windows tool is like buying Apple and Microsoft stock.
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