mobile trading from smartphone with charts?

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking for a solution to the follwing problem:

    I want to trade eur/usd spot or the 6E-future from a 5-minute candlestick-chart on a smartphone.


    - The Broker must be someone like IB, ToS or the like, not some fixed-spread bucketshop.

    - It should be a real application on the smartphone, not a web-trading thing accessible through a browser.

    - The application must provide 5-minute candlestick-charts and a bid/ask quote (L2 or volume is not needed).

    - I need to be able to enter a trade through a stop buy/sell order with a stop loss (and optionally take profit order) in place when the order gets filled.
    The orders must be stored on a server at the broker (in case of connection loss) and be editable/cancelable.

    I would like to go with IB but it looks like they only provide quotes and no charts for the mobile trader. So please report some working combinations of smartphones (iPhone 3GS, Blackberrys, ...) and brokers.

    (optional: the smartphone should have a ~4" Touchscreen with high resolution (e.g. 480x800) and HSDPA/HSUPA (3G) connectivity)

    P.S.: I live in Austria/Europe but i think thats not very relevant to the problem.
  2. I just found out about iTWS from Interactive Brokers which is just exactly what i want :cool: .

    Is anybody using it already?

  3. pspr


    You could do it on an iPhone. The charting apps are available and IB has an iPhone TWS app. Only problem is that the iPhone doesn't multitask so you have to close the charting program to run the TWS app.

    I think there there are a few other brokerages with apps but don't know about charting capabilities.

    UPDATE: Just looked at the iPhone iTWS. RT chart options are daily or weekly. Looks like a tick chart of the entire day for the security in question. It wouldn't work for me but might for someone who might trade once a day or a few times a week. I don't see any indicators in the TWS charts or any chart options.