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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Port1385, Mar 8, 2009.

  1. I was thinking of taking an extended trip across the world. First stop is South America and then over to Asia or Europe.

    I dont really need more then one monitor. Two monitors is a luxury, but one will do. A large laptop monitor is all that I need to trade.

    I would rent an apartment in Cartegena, Colombia for a month and then do the same in either Shanghai or Pattaya. Living in NYC is right now for the birds. All of the layoffs and ruin of the financial district has brought a cloud over the city negatively affecting attitudes. I cant take it anymore...

    Has anyone ever tried to trade on a laptop and travel?
  2. Are you going to liquidate your paper trading account to pay for your fantasy land trip?
  3. Midas


    I am thinking of doing something similar this summer, in Europe. I am usually in many pair positions that I swing trade and would like to monitor, adjust, and add to them during the break.

    Any advise on these things would be appreciated:

    Best Laptop for travel and trading (high end functionality and processing for complex spread chart data and order entry, but also light and durable)

    Satalite wireless internet service

    voltage adapter issues that I might run into with US laptops (if any)

  4. Midas


    Perhaps I used the wrong termanology, I am not a tech geek just a trader.

    I am looking for the European equivilant of sprint wireless, att wireless, etc. In the US.

  5. jumper


    I have traveled a few times internationally and have always taken my laptop to trade. I've used the hotel's broadband ethernet connection and depending on the bandwidth provided, it could be tradeable or not.

    As far as a laptop, I use the Dell M4300 (probably a newer version of it out by now). It's a 15 inch one that offers 1920x1200 res. This probably gives you about as 1 3/4 times the real estate that a regular 19" ws lcd has. And a 15 inch laptop is much easier on your shoulder than a 17 inch one. I've yet to find any laptop that has higher res.
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    I would suggest you look into a virtual hosting service in the US, so that your trading software runs locally. You'd just log in via Remote Desktop Connection, or something like Logmein.

    From a security point of view, from a reliability point of view... that's the only way to go.
  7. The internet at several destinations in Asia I found to be passable. It wasnt always the most reliable and throughput was an issue at times. I dont know about Colombia. Im going there for the first time this year.

    I traded with IB over a dial-up once back in the 90s so I dont believe I need mega throughput to trade.

    Someone emailed me about bringing two AC adapters which is very good advice. I have had adapters go out on me in the past and can only imagine what would happen if there were none available for my specific laptop...