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    Hi everybody,

    I need some help with finding a good mobile solution for my trading. I am slowly starting to travel more and visiting different places, but I still want to do some trading, even when not at home.

    When trading home most of my trades are catching small swings in the most liquid futures markets (for example 10-20 ticks in CL or 6E), so it is some pretty fast trading based mostly on tickcharts and T&S.

    When travelling I want to slow down, but not completly stop trading. I want to make less trades (for example only 3 per day instead of 30 trades) for larger swings, using higher time frame charts (15 minutes or 1 hour chart instead of tick chart).

    I believe for a slow trading like this I will not need a high end, multi-PC / multi-monitor system like what I run at my home office.

    I am looking for a very lightweight solution that fits in every bag, is easy to use, even when driving in the airplane, taxi or train.

    I especially like the IPad2. I know it was not built as a trading machine, but for the slow paced trading I want to do when on the road I think it would really be a nice solution.

    The problem is I dont know if any of the trading platforms available on the IPad2 will meet my criteria. I need the following:
    - access to the most important futures markets (ES, CL, 6E ...)
    - chart tool (streaming charts, bars or candlestick, at least hourly bars, better if it goes down to 5min
    - chart trader: this is not a must, but it would be nice if it would be possible to create my orders directly on the charts (because this is what I am used to do)

    This is all I need. I really would like to use IB's iTWS, but I am not sure if supports streaming charts and lower timeframes (30min, 5min).
    Ninjatrader would be very nice, but I think it cannot be run on the iPad, also most netbooks dont have enough power to run it.

    Do you know of any other platforms that could meet my criteria ? I checked the mobile platform of ThinkorSwim, it looks very interesting. The same for TD Ameritrade, it seems to be the same platform like ThinkorSwim ??

    I hope you guys (and gals :) ) can help me to find a good mobile solution. Thanks in advance !!

  2. TD Ameritrade has 2 platforms for iPad/iPhone. Try iStockManager
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    Hi j_medved,

    thanks for the input but isnt the iStockManager only for trading stocks and options ? I trade only futures, no stocks.
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    Hi atticus,

    when travelling I dont do those little scalps, I go more for the intraday swings, so if I would have at least a streaming chart with 30 minute -bars/ candles I would be happy. Do those platforms support this ? Thx !
  5. CALLumbus,

    that is correst. iSM will only work with stocks & options. For futures, you would have to use TDA's TOS offerings
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    So ToS is now part of TDA ? When did that happen :p

    If I want to trade futures with them, would it be better to open an account with TDA or directly with ToS (they have their own homepage ...) ?

    What about IBs iTWS or Ninjatrader ?

    Another option would be to access my trading PC with remote access (Teamviewer or something like that). Anybody doing this ?
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    I have Ipad2 and I use logmein app to log on my home computer, to use full IB TWS version.
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    Hey Coudy, thanks for the info. Are you satisfied with the remote option ? Is this a good solution ?
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