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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gordo, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. gordo


    Just wondering about the possibilty/feasability of a mobile trading setup ie- in an RV or Bus, etc. Are there satellite feeds that would work for this? Specifically, if you wanted to do a setup in an RV, or similar mobile situation, so that you could trade nationally while travelling across the US, what would be involved, and what costs would be involved? Your helpful guidance is appreciated.

    Thanks everyone, hope the markets are in your favor!
  2. Probably your best bet if you're going to travel in an rv would
    be to plan ahead and reserve a spot in rv parks that have telephone hookups, so you can get your data online.

    A satellite feed would probably be to cumbersome, as well
    as a little slower than online data.

    As long as you have a good ISP such as Earthlink, AOL or
    AT@T, you shouldn't have a problem getting a local
    access number just about anywhere in the country.

    Good luck and happy travels!
  3. There is a self aiming satellite system using a cellular connection for an uplink; around $3,500+ to buy and cell charges would be expensive.
  4. Would you know who makes or distributes that self aiming system, or better yet a web site for info?

  5. JayS


    "In-motion reception of more than 300 channels of programming, including premium satellite television, commercial-free music, HDTV, KVH's TracNet high-speed mobile Internet service, and local stations (where available)"

    "The TracNet system offers a dramatic increase in download speed compared to existing mobile Internet solutions. Internet downloads will be delivered to TracNet users via DirecPC at speeds reaching 400 Kbps, 7 times faster than the 56 Kbps dial-up connections found in most homes, and almost 30 times faster than the next fastest alternative mobile data connections. This translates into significant cost savings based on download size. For instance, a 1 megabyte file would typically cost $0.26 to receive via TracNet versus $3.70 using a cellular modem or almost $42.00 using Iridium."

  6. It is the system above; KVH.
  7. mrktwiz


    if you read and search this site long enough someone ask's the "same" question I've been thinking about this for a long time. Could you trade from RV or boat and still get good connectivity for trading?

    ...thanks all for the info. I'll look at theat KVH system.

  8. Yes; if your trading makes enough to justify the cell uplink charges.
  9. gordo


    Just curious, how would you go about figuring the cell uplink fees? Are they the same rates through a regular wireless provider, or how do they work?

    Thanks, guys.
  10. Call KVH; the rates are more but you are married to them.
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