Mobile Phone Signal Booster/Repeater Needed?

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  1. Hello all,

    My reception is fine upstairs but can't make calls downstairs.Is there a cheap booster/repeater that I can buy to fix this problem.I'm in Britain but if anyone can give me an impartial idea what I need.
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    Just for phone calls ??? is your Wifi okay there ??

    I know THREE do Wifi Calling if that's the case, pretty sure EE do aswell, come as standard on my Samsung A70, but there was an app you could download, check with your provider.
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    Vodafone will give you one for free. Ask your network operator.
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    Or you could get some pay as go sims from every network and see which one works downstairs then switch network.
  5. Get a femtocell.
    Nokia Siemens' are pretty decent.
    should be around 85 bucks
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    Solving WiFi Issues - WiFi Tips and Tricks

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    Pimp My WiFi Ep. 2 - SICK home business tech upgrade!

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  7. Attached below is an article on cellphone boosters. If you search their archives, you will find more information including comprehensive WIFI test results inside a home. 900 mhz is the best frequency for penetrating walls, but your internet speed will not be quite as fast as the higher frequencies.
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