Mobile Monitors and Trading From Laptops

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  1. I am in the process of setting up a mobile workstation. Who makes the thinnest lightest 17" LCDs? That I can stuff in my laptop bag along with the laptop?

    Also. On the new laptops that have HDMI port and VGA, will this allow for two additional independent screens? or is the VGA, HDMI port intertwined? Thanks.
  2. Typically it is one, or the other. VGA or HDMI. Not both. Using one will disable the other even if you have 2 different monitors hooked up to those ports. It may depend on the graphic chip on your laptop though. If you find out what chip is actually used you would know.

    On your first question: I want to know the same thing. If you find out anything interesting, please post.
  3. If you are running a Windows OS, you should be able to use the following utility:

    Start Programs...
    type in "dxdiag"

    The DirectX Diagnostic Tool should come up.

    Under one of the "Display 1" or "Display 2" tab. The Device name should be listed. You can google the specs.
  4. Okay I finally found a company who build Razor-Thin Led, and Ulvia-Slim Leds. However I have been unable to find a retailer who sells them. Perhaps my internet research skill are not that great, can anyone else come up with anything - Bolimomo? lol

    Here is their website.

    In addition, I found out that dedicated ATI graphics cards in laptops with a DVI, and VGA, should support two additional independent screens. I was told this by a 17 year old on a computer forum though. So I am not sure on the accuracy.
  5. LeeD


    This is indeed the case for many higher-end ATI cards. Normally such a laptop would have 2 digital monitor connections, say, HDMI and DysplayPort.

    If you are going to buy a laptop in a shop, ask the staff to connect the laptop on diplay to 2 mobitors and see if it works :)
  6. Well... looks like a US-based company from their company history (founded in Chicago). I would google their headquarter phone number and call them and ask them. :)
  7. If you try the VGA and HDMI ports, each would only support 1 monitor (for a total of 2) and when you use either one of them the DisplayPort would be disabled I think.

    The only chance that you can drive 2 external monitors from a laptop without added gadget... I speculate, would be to use the DisplayPort and if it would drive more than 1 monitor. I have never played with that config so this is purely my speculation.

    Before anything look up the specs of the graphics chip (NVidia - most likely, or ATI) they put on the laptop before anything else and see if it is spec'd to support more than 2 monitors.