Mobile Internet - What's Your Setup, Current and Future?

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    160Mbps Fibre at home, Wifi is crap mind, 4G phone with 32GB data, 2 tablets 4G with 10GB's and 20GB's of data and unlimited netflix on the 20gb plan, all on same network, did have 20GB's on a different network, just incase but never mind.

    Samsung A71 phone.
    Samsung Tab A 10.5 2019 4G
    Samsung S6 10.5 2020 ( she's sweet ) 4G
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    Two iPhone 11 Pro Max with the unlimited cell deal from AT&T when you bundle with DTV. One of those LTE pucks as well. Gigabit at home with the Orbi MESH router and a bunch of satellites.
  4. Your setup looking pretty good. Thanks for sharing.
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  5. I think that you need to select some local Internet so that you can quickly resolve problems that may arise during operation. I think that small companies do as well as some large specialized companies. And they take even more care of their clients because they have a smaller client base that will get more attention anyway. Plus they can have more affordable prices for both monthly maintenance and configuration, etc. And in general, in our business the Internet is of great importance, so I wish you good luck with your search. And also a useful trick - your brokerage company should have a feature, I do not remember what it is called, which will protect you if you have orders in work, and you have lost the Internet ...