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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by marketsurfer, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. how about configuring ET so it is easier to access on a mobile device ?


  2. ET is as easy to access as any internet site from any mobile device.

    What issue is hard for you?


  3. speed and size. can you suggest how to on a palm os ? samsung i500 to be exact.

    thank you,

  4. The Surfer speaketh the truth! The I-500 is a solid device. Perhaps Baron would be interested in offering mobile ET on a Palm and a scrolling real-time ticker??

  5. i am 100% behind that suggestion. lets do it !

    surfer d

  6. let's present a plan to baron.

    surfer :)
  7. signals


    FYI: a great site that has a "normal" and a "mobile" version is cliesource.

    Check out the difference between.


    The problem I have with ET on my PDA is that it is much too wide.

    FWIW a WAP version of ET would also be great but I would be extremely happy with just a lite "mobile" version to start.
  8. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Thanks for the feedback. I think a mobile version is a good idea and I will try to have this done by the end of Q1.
  9. Baron,

    We could probbaly help give you a live streaming ticker at the bottom of Mobile ET. let me know if you may be interested in that.....