Mobile Device - Iphone or Android ?

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Iphone or Android ?

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  1. What does the audience like better, Iphone or Android ?

    I plan to use mostly Business apps, email, and international roaming due to work travel, and wanted to ask.
  2. The biggest problem with Android is that it is on so many different phones that its performance and stability can vary wildly. I've had several Android phones -- some have been good, some haven't.

    The biggest advantage of iPhone is that it is end-to-end hardware and software through the same company (duh) so there's only one device they need to make sure it works perfectly on, and for the most part, it does.

    So if you can wait a couple months until the iPhone 5 with 4G comes out, that's what I would do. Unless you really want one now, in which case carefully read all reviews (especially user reviews) of the Android phone you are interested in.
  3. Eight


    I have the first gen Galaxy S and I voted for iPhone. I delved way into Android stuff and concluded that it can't be taken seriously enough to be depended on for anything above the level of a toy. Any kid on the planet can sell an app, and they do. Many apps suck. One commentator described Android as being like the Winchester house, lots of stuff going nowhere...

    I like my phone, i use it when traveling, the google map directions are fantastic for walking, driving, rail, cycling. I use some alarm apps to keep my schedule, well, on schedule, and that stuff works but it's annoyingly badly designed.

    The bottom line is that I can struggle through with the Galaxy S but nonetheless, it's a struggle. The S3 is probably 100% better, I might get a Galaxy Note, my hands are huge and it would be a lot better for me while traveling.. I might get a flip phone and carry a tablet too.. or I might get an iPhone just to see what all the fanfare is about... I'm a techie though, I can struggle through with Android but if you are not a techie, staying away from it might be best.
  4. jem


    after having an evo my wife got an Iphone.. she brought it back in about a week.

    she said the interface was far too small and seemed dated.

    She got the new samsung... about a month ago with and Android ICS and loves it.

    I wish I had ICS but I do have a droid 4 with a keyboard.
    Combine that with gmail, google calendar and google voice... and you really do have a mobile office.

    Apple products are cute. just kidding they are starting to shake off that image but barely.
  5. just21


    I switched from an iPhone to s3 for the bigger screen. If you read a lot the s3 is the better choice.
  6. OnClose


    I got my S3 this week and I love it. After using it for a few days I turned on my S1 to get some info and I couldn't believe how small the 4" screen looked.
  7. I'm using Samsung galaxy s2 . Screen is excellent for viewing anything. Very large
    I enjoy think or swim charts for best charting app.
    Open them up and view easily.
    I also run remote desktop on the Android to one of the trading computers. Works great.
    4g fast
  8. I would pick Android also based on my 2 years of experience with both a 2.3 gingerbread phone and recently with 4.0 ice cream sandwich TF101 tablet. It works great with VNC and SSH remote connections. The only issue I have noticed with Android is that some apps namely the web browsers tend to crash a lot so stability is a concern. However, I have had no troubles with apps that I use for trading. If you use Linux to trade using ConnectBot paired with RealVNC is a nice combination.
  9. the problem with iphone is the "one size for all" approach. Just like the windows based computers the android has much more variety to offer.
  10. lwlee


    I voted iPhone because I've had every iPhone since the first. The platform is much more polished than Android. iOS is generally considered smoother than Android. That said, I just preorder the new Google Nexus. There have been rave reviews on how smooth the new JellyBean OS is. Project Butter. I like the form factor and price point. I did originally purchase the original iPad but sold it within 3 month. Just wasn't using it. Just a little heavier than what I wanted. But now that content has matured on all platforms, there is much more content to consume. I think the higher resolution, great hardware and better software sets a new level for the small form factor tablets.
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