Mob of black girls attacks white woman and her 15 & 4 year old kids.

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    I see a pattern emerging....
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    Obama doesn't give out free sunglasses to the "needy"?

    Obviously we need to add this to the growing list of government programs.
  3. i blame the parents. trash in trash out. You would be shocked at what goes on in some of these ghetto households. Enough to screw any kid up for life.
  4. the lesson is clear here: don't take somebody else's stuff
  5. I think the lesson is not to have anything that any groups of "youths" or "teens" might want. It's not advisable for social constructs to have things which this effect. Often things with bright colors have this effect. Social constructs should try to avoid chimp-out beatings.

  6. That should teach them not to steal.
  7. That should teach them to stay away from packs of "youths" and "teens", especially when they have shiny objects which might be desired by them. Social constructs need to be very careful around them.

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    I moved away from an area that was overrun with "youths"... they started in the afternoons by stealing cellphones from kids coming home from school. They needed the phones to do deals. They drove real slow and killed people for passing them, passing them meant disrespect. The "youths" mothers were the same, just less active in the street crimes, more into shoplifting and extorting retail clerks and such... the "youths" would set up traps for cops and shoot at them when they drove by... I suppose if the cops won on that front they would start shooting firemen like they do in LA sometimes..

    I got pissed and kicked in the front door of a "youth" and told him I knew where he lived, we could have a war if he wanted but it was going to be at his house... He seemed to leave me alone after that but I didn't want to stick around and find out how long that would last. I moved, rented the house to somebody that had so much juice with the military that he could call in an airstrike if he needed to probably.. he's more suited for that area...

    I'm waiting for the actual meltdown and shtf scenario, I dream of retaking my beloved 'hood.... but then the herbs wear off and I get busy on a project...

    Seriously though, those "youths" can very seriously mess up one's culture...
  9. Youths have little experience with life and they don't know how to take responsibility for their actions. Especially the uneducated ones.
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