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  1. anyone get in on the MO sweepstakes today, i got long at 60 just looking for a b/out from that range, but didnt expect that, made and easy 60 cents....but it looks like there was more money to be made on that reversal...anyone get in on the reversal? playing break of that 30.50 support?
    feel kinda lucky on these, but liek to think the "smarter you work the luckier you get", playing strong stocks while the spoos are going up, there is always a reason a stock is strong/weak
  2. a lot more fun in the last hour. Sold the 30.20 covered on INCA at 29 flipped 29.10 covered way to early. Then just played around after the two big moves. Gotta love it when news stocks save your day. :D
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    Never traded a listed stock before, just put it on my charts after hearing news. Ended up doing a bunch of trades when signals kept popping up.

  4. i owuldnt say way too early, these days any time you make a full point intra-day is a damn good trade
  5. i'm short 2500 MO overnight. long 2000 RJR

    some crazy action today after the IL case news was announced-
    and it was pretty insane trading the moves today. i kept some overnight to have fun with with tommorrow too.
    check out MO's less than stellar news:

    and some idiots were buying MO at the closing price after hours- i shorted some to them at 29.70

    heres where i picked up a little more RJR:

    After Hours Trade Reporting Thursday April 3
    After Hours Last: $32.60 After Hours Best Bid: N/A After Hours
    High: $32.95 After Hours Volume: 92,300
    After Hours Best Ask: N/A After HoursLow: $32.60

    After Hours
    Time (ET) After Hours
    Price After Hours
    Share Volume
    17.44 $ 32.60 300
    17.35 $ 32.60 500
    16.22 $ 32.94 13400

    thats me at 32.60

    so, the plan is, sell RJR at a profit hopefully on the open, if not, sell on a break of yesterday's close- it got hit hard in sympathy to MO and because traders stuck long MO naturally would hedge by shorting RJR- hell, RJR usually moves more than MO on MO's news!!! so, things definitely don't look so good for 'ol MO, lets see how it plays out- i'd love to see a point on the trade- its possible.
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    Good luck on your trade. I have another pair to put on my list now.
  7. is pair trading your main strategy??
  8. sell MO on the open- its a dog with fleas....
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    I have pairs in several sectors, and trade them mainly intraday. KLAC-QLGC-MXIM, AMGN-IDPH-CEPH, MSFT-ERTS-INTU, my favorite triangles. I have parameters at what I consider extremes.