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  1. so I watched the debate on CNN, and listened to the analysis, and to be expected it was about a tie

    so I figured I would watch msnbc and they would declare it a clear victory for their candidate

    then I would watch Daily and Colbert

    and maybe late night I would rewatch Fox to see why their candidate was the clear choice

    (all I do is trade forex all night so I am always looking for something to keep me entertained)

    but after the so called "debate" I switch from cnn to msnbc and they are freaking out

    if you like entertainment, it is really funny

    I'll watch the comedy shows and see what Ronmey's channel is saying and get back to you

    In the meantime, forex really isn't moving that much
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    That may change shortly. ECB rate and FED minutes next 12 hours. Am I short or long? Only my broker knows. :)
  3. you may be right. It would seem there is very little to move the market unless somebody announces something and somebody makes a big deal out of it.

    otherwise, forex can be about as boring as watching Cspan.

    kind of funny when you make the comparision between forex and politics. They both need tv, and somebody to talk about them.
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    Tsing Tao

  5. normally at 1600 I switch over to Neil Cavuto, but I couldn't stand to watch the gloating, so I switched to Martin Bashir. They are really worried. I don't know why. Obama is leading in all the polls.

    I think what they are scared of is the facts. The democrats are really running out of them quickly.
  6. oh, this is good, a white man calls Obama lazy, and now it is a 1960's civil rights issue
  7. for crying out loud, the guy is the President of the United States, the most powerful country on the earth (at this time.) Kind of hard to make a case that he would not be treated this way if he was white.

    50% of the people voted for him. Heck I even voted for him.

    The one that cracked me up was when Bill Clinton said "Nobody could do a better job given the situation he was dealt"

    And every trader in the room said, "Even I could have done a better job."
  8. the way I look at it. It is probably not going to make much of a difference to me or my grandchildren if Obama or the other the guy is President for the next four years, but it is a very interesting and quite entertaining study of the media.

    You wouldn't understand.

    You had to be born when there were only 3 channels



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    Chris Matthews - what was Romney doing tonight... he was winning.
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