Mmmm - it's Dinner Time!

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  2. What's really neat is how she signed her name identically each time -- every letter exactly the same, and even swerved upwards under the "L" the same way.

    It's almost as if her signature were a perfect copy each time. She must be a robot or something.

  3. Aaaa haaa bigdave, you should be detective! That was a good eye.
  4. Income has already been spread...right to the top income earners.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Thanks, but my conclusion is that she's secretly a robot, not that this is just another Republican lie... :)
  7. 100 dollar lobsters and cavier every night ..just an avg american dinner by your avg american couple :D

  8. That's a FAKE receipt.
  9. It's just as real as the plumber.
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    Aren't you the least bit embarrassed for being either a perfect idiot for believing that fake receipt, or for being a scumbag liar for trying to pass it off as real?

    If the answer is 'no', that means you're a Very Good Republican. :D
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