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    Sorry for this off-topic thread.. please feel free to flame me :)

    I am curious is there a correlation between mid to big size intuitive (as opposed to systems trading) day-traders and consumption of alchohol. Please this is in no way an attempt to condemn or encourage said behavior.. but I was thinking with all the serious talk regarding the war situation and the potential debt bubble situation a light-hearted thread might be worthwhile. Plus I have been having a few beers and some wine and am VERY sad to see SA lost to LA with 0.4 seconds remaining.. unbelievable.

    My own story: still learning.. aspiring systems trader, part-time. I had some good intuitive trades (like switching my 401k from 100% growth to 100% cash 1 day after NASDAQ hit 5000 in march 2000), but in general I'm not very consistent (for example I missed the 2003 rally). I really enjoy systems development, however. At least I know my weaknesses :)

    Favorite drinks: margaritas by far.. in fact I have to live in areas with good Mexican food.. just a necessity for me in life (luckily my newlywed wife feels exactly the same). We are about to move from Los Angeles to Austin, TX next month-- pretty exciting. Back to drinks.. I like wine, especially Merlot and anything from Louis Jadot, also some white wine like Pinot Noir, and almost any kind of microbrew beer. The brewery Fat Tire is highly recommended if you haven't had it-- the best balance I have ever had in any beer. My favorite beer btw is Franziskaner (a German wheat beer).

  2. I don't drink. Maybe that'll the only vote :D
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    Of course LA won. As for drinks Crown Royal only
  4. You forgot to put in the final poll, "All Of The Above". :D
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    I've always preferred Coors beer. I have a uncle in Denver whose a chemist that among other things tests Coors water supply. According to him it's artesian well water and very clean. As opposed to the equivalent of big city sewer water used by most of the other domestic brewers to brew their beer.
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    Ah yes, that would of been a nice choice for the poll lolol :)

    Btw you're quote reminds me of something my brother occassionally used to say: "You win some, you lose some. You lose more." (He generally was mostly kidding when he said that, he's a pretty optimistic guy really).

  7. Pls add "all of the above, except the last choice"

  8. Add

    "I am a vampire.. go figure"
  9. who are the four motherf*ucking pussys that say they don't drink. tea toting little FAGGOTS! ;-p

  10. I'm with Mac on this one. All of the above.

    When someone asks me what kind of beer I like. My response is, "A cold one."

    And i fI go to the MCD drive through I always ask for it "to go".

    And when I am buying a bag of ice I like to say, "Do you have any fresh ice? Or just this frozen stuff?"

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