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    State of the Union address Tuesday
    Both of these have broken out in anticipation of Trumpy's 1 Trillion dollar infrastructure spending package.
    Odds are they will continue the run tomorrow.

    It'll never get through Congress this year, and after the 2018 elections .... well, thats just too much uncertainty going forward. We'll see.


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    URI is a more solid play going forward I think.

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    Indeed, that will be a personal issue for me as NYC is my alma mater of life. And Trump didn't do any favors to the country by reneging on the Gateway project. It is all political posturing because Trump hates Dems, even though he claims he's a NYer. He just hates peeps like Schumer.

    Hopefully there will be some relief for the central rail hub of the nation this year in this new plan.
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    Thats a great find, I wasn't aware of all that.

    Trump has repeatedly hyped an infrastructure plan that he has promised to release in the New Year. Such a plan would require a large number of votes from Schumer's conference in order to pass the Senate. Folding Gateway into a Trump infrastructure bill would pressure Schumer to deliver those votes. Elaine Chao, Trump's transportation secretary, is the wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, which could increase the White House's leverage.
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    Yeah. Did you read the primer article on that project? They actually posted the link in that very article. (It's an op-ed, but is all true.) Convenient, because I was looking for that original link a few weeks ago for something unrelated. A good reference.
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    5 Days later..
    VMC went from $141 to $134 now.
    MLM $240 to $224
    .....Thats what happens when stocks go too far too fast on hype. Just like BTC, NFLX, and I suspect BA and AMZN soon enough.
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