MLK-DNC fundraiser

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  1. Why do the democrats use high profile funerals to hold political rallies?

    Shame on you democrats.
  2. Ya, it is not as if Bush and his neocon minions has ever used 9/11 and its aftermath to stage political rallies....
  3. The failure of our gov't to protect us and to attempt to change our gov't and the death of a civil rights leader are a little disconnected dont' you think?

    Remember Wellstone's funeral? A more disgusting display I cannot recall.
  4. Would Dr. King, or his wife want their death, either by natural or unnatural causes, to advance their political agendas or not?

    Tell me that either one of these people would not gladly have given their lives (King did) to advance the political cause....

    To ignore their life, i.e. their devotion to their political causes at a funeral would be to diminish their value and importaqnce of their lives.

    Oh and by the way, the Reagan funeral was essentially a politicization of his conservative agenda.

  5. That is assuming that their beliefs are actually the ones being advanced by the people speaking at the funeral. I personally do not see how the fight for equal rights and no WMDS in Iraq tie in together. I'm sure you can make something ridiculous up to defend it. The old "bigger picture" argument should do fine on this one. Make it sound philosophical.
  6. Dr. King and his wife were promoters of peace, not pre-emptive unnecessary wars.....

  7. The king speech- the missing pieces.

    I had a dream, a dream of no pre-emtive wars, a world without a war waged by a president in which democrats gave him the right to wage war.

    A dream when all parties agreed a dictator was a dangerous person who was trying to acquire nuclear and biological weapons.

    Yes, it's all a dream.

    Did the democrats have campaign solicitors at the entrance to the funeral?
  8. Media coverage of Coretta's funeral was pornographic. Evidently, African-Americans still need to feel like victims.
  9. Didn't they do that with another funeral? Ronnie somethingorother?
    Was that dem's or repub's? Been so long ago I don't remember.
  10. as this rate, the # of dead gis in this phony war will surpass the # of deads on 9-11 by year end.
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