MLK day is bad for the economy

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  1. Today I went to comcast because I needed to exchange some equipment and I find out they are closed because of MLK day. The sign said "In honor of MLK, we are closed today" But what I read was "its black people day, we ain't going to work"

    MLK is a racist holiday that does nothing to help the american people. Its just a day that is an excuse not to work. Other holidays all help the economy. 4th of July, people are out buying fireworks and going out spending money. 4th of July creates jobs. Christmas people are out buying presents, trees, and donating time and money to others. Christmas creates Jobs. Thanksgiving, people are out buying turkeys, flying or driving to see family, ect. Thanksgiving creates jobs. New years, people are going out, buying alcohol, throwing parties, ect. New years creates jobs. Martin Luther King day....Nothing. Its just a day that people have 1 less day of income. Traders have 1 less day to trade. Businesses have 1 less day of business. Nobody makes money from this day which makes it a useless holiday. The government will lose between 1 to 2 billion dollars in lost tax revenue because of this holiday. Money that could go to schools, to health care, or a variety of other things. People should not get a day off work if that holiday doesnt somehow boost the economy or at least create some kind of income that doesnt cost us money. I mean, its pathetic when even Arbor day generates more income for Americans than this stupid holiday.
  2. MLK day is supposed to be "a day on" and not "a day off". Many people celebrate the holiday by volunteering in service to others. How can one say "that does nothing to help the american people"?

    You need to listen to "I have a dream" again and make it to the very end. It's about equality of opportunity and making this nation whole. It is about standing up to injustice and changing the system when it doesn't work correctly. It is a celebration of what makes this nation great.

    MLK is a man who laid down his life in the service of others. He deserves this day more than any of us here.

  3. Well....How about all those lazy presidents that are on presidents days. Or all those lazy veterans who we also dont buy fireworks to celbrate.

    But...A forced day off is a day of no profit.
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    Lets open the financial markets on the Weekend, the shops are open and making a profit, we should be allowed to as well.
  5. Holidays were never intended create economic activity. They are
    days to honor somebody or some tradition. The economic activity that you cite for New years, Memorial Day, etc, were all created by the private sphere. There is no reason why the private sector can't create 3 day vacations, a shopping day, or whatever the marketers can dream up for MLK day and profit from people's time off.

    Some holiday themed economic generating activities might include:

    50 cent Big Macs.
    Special Round trip party bus tickets to the State Penitentiary to visit friends and relatives.
    Extended Hours for liquor stores.
    Cancellation of vice squad patrols for the duration of the holiday.