MLK day- a celebration of failure

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    I thought I would celebrate MLK day by asking one simple question: Are american blacks an economic asset or a liability?

    First a few things here- some of this may be interpreted a little, especially over the question of whether you consider government workers helpful or not. But in the end the private sector has to pay those workers salaries, so I'm putting them on the cost side of the ledger. I'm saying that they are a net wash as I can make good cases that all those black people working at the dept. of education are miserable failures and the DOJ is causing economic harm due to its racial war on white america.

    Some numbers are more accurate than others, but I'm satisfied that this is accurate to 10%.

    Start with the costs, and I'm adding quotes to emphasize that blacks and liberals look at this as absolutely 'good' that blacks are dependent on government and that cuts are harmful. In other words they all but admit that blacks are an economic ball and chain. Sorry if this seems disjointed somewhat, I'm not interested in taking the time to polish things up.
    “In 2011 : 17.8% federal employees were black 345,679”
    “Black Unemployment Crisis: Loss Of Government Jobs Hurts African Americans Hardest”
    18 million blacks employed or looking for work, 61.4% labor force participation rate

    1) Unemployment checks: 15% unemployment rate = 2.7 million people so that's $40B a year

    2) 20% of employed blacks (3.6 million) worked for government at all levels, conservatively then $180B a year in salary and benefits

    3) SSI recipients: hard to get this one since race data isn’t clear, conservatively take it as $80B a year or roughly 15% of the total take. Black children get a lot since adults die sooner.

    4) SSDI : $17.7 B a year
    (That’s 1.48 million on SSDI!)

    5) cost of crime and imprisonment:

    1 in 3 black men will go to jail (then probably 40% of all black men are criminals), 10% of adult black men are now in prison, or about 1 million at a cost of $40K per year. $40B a year for imprisonment, estimate another $20B a year economic costs of crime (policing, insurance, property damage, medical etc.). $60B a year for crime

    And the other social costs of black crime?

    6) estimate $200B a year in other welfare spending on blacks at all levels of gov’t (40% of about a half trillion conservatively, the generally accepted share of the black community welfare aid) (SCHIP, SNAP, EIC, minority education spending, medicaid, medicare, (non-retirement), head start, free cell phones, all other the minority bullshit).

    So then are the 14.4 million privately employed blacks are ‘paying’ for what black America costs us, or $578B a year?

    At least half don’t pay anything and in fact are takers themselves since their wages are lower than average, so 7 million people are to be paying $578B, or $82,500 per black taxpayer. No way, we all know that isn’t anywhere close to reality, even if you account for other taxes such as corporate.

    Martin Luther King day, a celebration of black failure and the dependent people who are dragging us to the bottom.
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    Wow! Nothing like calling a spade a spade.

    Update: Opps. I didn't mean it like that. Maybe, 'nothing like not mincing words' is better in today's PC society.
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    The very idea that having this day in the first place is an example of what is wrong with black people. They love symbolism such as this, it seems to take the place of real achievement. Street names, a president, parades, ranting speeches, etc. , none of it makes one a better person, all that seems to matter is feeling good.
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    black people claim to want 'honest' discussion, well here it is, I bet they don't want it
  5. pspr


    I'll bet you are right.
  6. Ricter


    Every "black" person wants that, or you're just broadbrushing (to put it nicely) the whole group?
  7. Thanks Mav, I came down here today to wait for what I knew would come. You righties must be crushed, politically, that is.

    The Union is aware of your shenanigans, and will respond appropriately if needed.
  8. Mav88


    well I speaking in the average sense, I'm sure many blacks know the truth about themselves. Most notably that jackass Holder said

    but whenever people like me initiate honest discussion we are dismissed as racist. If however one is really honest, the only conclusion you can possibly draw is that black people are economically dependent on white people and are a drain on society.

    The tragedy is that people like you keep telling them the opposite, depriving them on any chance at all of a real solution. The real number is most likely higher, yet blacks still want more, encouraged by the white liberal/communist asshole establishment

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    engage the facts honestly, or are you afraid?
  10. Mav88


    note that presenting data is 'shenanigans' that must be 'responded to'

    black people are intellectually sick, a form of racial dementia
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