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    I'm getting worried about my Angels. Their pitching which had been lights-out prior to the all star break, are showing some chinks. Not a good time to be downtrending with the pennent races coming up. I think Lackey and Santana will be fine, however Saunders and Garland trouble me. Saunders because I think the league is starting to figure his pitches out and Garland, I don't know, he's gotta locate perfectly or he's toast since he cannot power his way through. He does have playoff experience though. K-Rod, even if he's got the record, still hasn't been up to par.

    All I can say anything short of the World Series for the Angels will be a huge dissapointment. Hunter and Tex should at least alleviate the batting woes suffered in the past.
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    One s two peas. crap
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    No Angels fans here?

    Don't tell me... Red Sox, right?... (sigh)
  4. Nope - not a Red Sox fan.

    I have the MLB Extra Innings package at home, and if you're on the east coast, or even central time, you hardly get to see west coast games. I don't know enough about the Angels to comment, other than that they're still the team to beat.
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    Boston's killing me. Talk about clutch hitting. Fucking groundhog day every year against these guys.

    As crappy as I'm feeling, it probably pales to a Cubs fan. Jesus, the Dodgers are playing some great ball, but those errors in the second were just killers. I can see how some might believe in bad voodoo... or the stage might just be too big for some.

    Except Manny of course. One of the greatest of all time. His dick just gets bigger in the playoffs.