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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bronks, May 3, 2009.

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    Why oh why do I hate Youkilis so much. He's a heluva ball player and I just can't stand that prick.

    I like the White Sox chances this year.
    My team, the Angels, have had their starting rotation decimated by injuries but at least the bats are working. Why they let Tex go I don't know but Abreu is a good fit. Tori should have a banner year but it's early.

    Props to the Skipper for the Mariners for getting all that talent to play to their potential but I can't stand Ichiro almost as much as Youpenis. I'm mean 'cmon, slaps at the ball like girls softball and beats throws out because of his speed. What a disgrace. Screw him too.
  2. LoL, you hate Youkilis so much because you are an Angels fans and my Bosox continually demolish your Angels in the playoff like every single year.

    On a related note, it's my feeling that Big Papi is either secretly very hurt OR he was a big roids user who has now stopped. Cause he can't hit for shit anymore.

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    Yes, the continual meltdown of the Angels to Boston in the playoffs is maddening... I'll admit you guys have our number, which has turned into a headtrip for the Angels. The Patriots also did that to the Steelers for years. I love Boston but hate what their teams do to mine. Having said that, I would not like Youpenis no matter who he'd play for.

    Papi doesn't look all that well. Age is starting to creep in... just look at Vladdy.
  4. The difference is, Vladdy was a star from the get-go, Big Papi toiled in obscurity in Minn with mediocre stats and the miraculously became a star in Boston. I know Vlad has a lot of miles on him but Papi's complete lack of power, to me, seems less to do with age and more to do with not being on roids anymore.

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    Point taken. What's really sad is now, every star, and maybe even every player is suspect. Athletes will always look for something to enhance their performance and I don't know how that can be controlled. If it's not roids it'll be something else. Add money to the natural competitiveness equation and what's an athlete to do? There's a huge monetary difference between hitting 10 and 30 HR's per season. Now what, do I have to worry about Dunn and Quentin?
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    Talk about over-reaction. Tampa is going after that fan (ala Bartman) who took the foul-fly away from Longoria. Longoria is pissed and so is Madden.

    What a bunch of crap. I was watching that game yesterday and although the fan should know the circumstances, how could he not put his glove out there? Poor guy even had a Longoria jersey on and you could tell by the expression on his face that he was bummed he did it. Sheesh, Tampa also needs to know the circumstances and chill. There's a gazillion more games to be played and their treatment of this is just stupid. Longoria, imo, should reach out to "his" fan and say "Hey man, live and learn... can I sign that ball for ya?". I guarantee he'll never do it again. Poor guy was mortified and now his hero hates him?? Please.
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    Watching the Angels game and Goose Gossage was in the booth for a couple innings. He didn't speak too kindly of Manny that's for sure. Said that for such incidents, contracts should just be terminated; and players should honor the game and police themselves. After which he says he was aiming for Brett's neck in the pine tar homer.

    Gotta love someone who speaks their mind.