ML(merrill lynch) pro tradespeed plateform how good?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Nana Trader, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Anyone have experiance using it? and which prop
    firms are offering it?

    Is it as reliable and fast as gensis Laser, instaquote
    (echotrader), Hammer,...?

    Is it belong to merrill lynch and they trade on them?
    Thank you
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  3. I saw a demo and it looked pretty good to me.

    It ran quick, was stable and had most of the features I would look for.

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    I would imagine the platform to be good, I just wonder the people behind the company...
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    does anyone know what tradespeed was called before ml took it over? or was it always a ml product?
  6. Is tradespeed still being used/supported after ML's switch to the PAX network?

    I echo Mav's comments earlier. It was patched together with equities, options, and futs platforms and they were slow to get it all integrated into one solid platform. It did show some promise, but wasn't close to being a solution when I looked at it a few months ago.
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    Yeah Tradespeed is still being marketed and will be one of the primary platforms offered by MerillPro when its fully functional. It has some promise, but I never believe anything untill I see it.
  8. Thanks for all replies. what is pax network?
    How long ML speed owned by ML?

    I did a searched yahoo on this, and came up with
    mentioned brokerage site only, are you saying this
    platform not fully ready for trading yet?
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    Pax is a clearing firm that is owned my Merrill. Trade speed was designed by a company called Centurion securities which has a business relationship with Merril.

    The platform is not quite ready from what I understand.
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