Mkts at important level....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by lilduckling, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. If Mkt makes another run up today or bases near yesterdays high... my shorts are in trouble. If there is no follow through today or a reversal... than next week should be very good for my shorts.
    Im short YELL from 48.50 oops....i meant 49.50
    FITB from 40.10
    Leg from 22.70
  2. hmmmm Mkt breadth at low of day.. shouldn't be there for this to be a follow through day. Bulls would want to see mkt at near highs going into the dol-drums.... then possibly consolidate then pick up again at around 2 PM. As it stands looks like we are going into dol-drums at near low of day.......will be interesting to see what happens. Also huge volume today..... if doday ends being a down day then we may just pull back from this level before trying again in a few weeks. I still have hope for my shorts next week.

    EDIT: im short YELL from 48.50....its my stop thats 49.50!