Mkt hear Obsama and tanked hard. The people have spoken

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  1. I heard his wife's a biatch too.
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    Michelle Obama is a racist. She hates the white man.
  3. Her Husband is half white
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    IMAO: Dishonest Liberals

    "So there's this study showing that conservatives are more honest than liberals, and I'm pretty sure it's true because it confirms my prejudices. And I remember there are also studies showing that liberals donate less money than conservatives and are generally less happy. So liberals are basically a bunch of dishonest, selfish, unhappy people with dumb ... faces. Sometimes I wonder if we should reclassify liberals as some sort of subhuman, evil creatures like vampires. And, much like vampires, they freak out if they see crosses..."

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    "I came across a very funny article that informs all of us about who Barack Obama supporters are and what they find attractive about Obama. The article is entitled, ‘A Guide to Obama supporters.’

    The first are the “O’Zombies: With glazed eyes and vacant stares, these subdued types can generally be found online. Their speech consists of incoherent rehashes of Obama phrases and, ‘like’ and ‘y’know’. After having surrendered most cognitive ability to be used as seen fit by the Obama campaign, they generally possess just barely enough to be able to upload a video to Youtube. However, some aren’t so lucky and eventually starve to death having forgotten how to eat. They are not particularly dangerous, often not even aware of your presence when you are standing next to one. Some have suggested that merely being near one or watching their videos can be detrimental to one’s IQ. Avoidance recommended.”

    The second group are the “Obamatons: Also known as obamabots. Ever since Lenin nurtured the first breeds of useful idiots, communists have continually strived to create better useful idiots - ones that were stronger, faster, more useful than the previous generation. The obamaton is one which has been upgraded to the predictability of a machine. The obamaton seeks out communications relevant to Obama on the Internet then responds. There are only two known responses. If the obamatondetects a statement which is positive regarding Obama, the obamaton will respond with requests for money. If the obamatondetects a statement which is negative or even neutral regarding Obama, the obamaton will respond by shrieking ‘RACIST!’ repeatedly. Obamatons are only found online. They are sometimes known as ‘trolls’. The fact that they have yet to have a spine installed prevents offline activity.”

    The third group are the “O’lattes: To understand an O’latte, you must put yourself in his shoes. An O’latte believes he’s better than everyone else. And while he enjoys sneering at poor people and chastising those who dare to question his supreme intellect, he is somewhat depressed. ‘Why can’t the world be more like me?’ he wonders. Then, like a ray of sunlight, Obama appears. ‘Hey, he thinks he’s better than everyone else just like me!’ exclaims the O’latte. Finally, the O’latte finds hope, knowing he is no longer alone in his narcissism. O’lattes are not dangerous, but nevertheless extremely annoying.”

    The fourth group are the “Obombers: These are Obama’s enforcers. Brutish and mute, these not-so-gentle giants have been known to become physically aggressive. While their actions range from roughing up old women at rules committees to blocking camera shots for Fox News, they invariably use force. Little is known what motivates them to serve Obama unquestioningly. Some speculate that Obama supplies them with a daily ration of gruel and they reward him with unfaltering loyalty. They are moderately dangerous.”

    The fifth subgroup of Obama supporters are the “Yeswecans: Hailing from the make-believe land of Yeswecan, these Obama supporters live in a fantasy world. In that world, Obama can heal the sick, stop wars by waving his hand, fly, summon unicorns, and coat the landscape with Obama-rectal derived pixie dust. When they are suddenly torn from their parallel dimension and thrown into our world, (known as reality), they tend to exhibit wild mood swings and the negative behaviors which often accompany them. For the most part, they have a surreal, optimistic view of Obama and bubble with enthusiasm. However, when confronted with Obama’s mortal enemies, facts and logic, they will lash out in defense of their deity. There have been many speculations as to the true nature of Yeswecans. Some opine that Yeswecans are best understood as cultists, (see: The Church of Obamism), while still others suggest the root to be a mental disorder, (see: Obamitis). Regardless of the cause, Yeswecans can be extremely dangerous and should be avoided whenever possible.”

    And finally, the sixth group are the “Obamelites: They’ve turned politics into a business and Obama is their cash cow. A number of super-delegates fit this mold. They generally cluster around Obama in a protective swarm and rarely consort with the ‘little’ people. They are almost never seen in public but often on TV. Because of their rarity in public, they are not much of a threat in terms of individual [confrontation). But regarding the power they intend to wield as a bludgeon, they have great potential to damage America as a whole. In addition, they are known to betray former supporters/supportees on the turn of a dime, or, perhaps more accurately, in exchange for a dime. They should never be trusted.”

    Thanks to America Vs. Obama, now we can all go about our business and lives knowing what an Obama supporter is, and which ones to avoid."

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    Barack and Michelle Obama Belonged to a Racist Organization


    "Suppose that a political candidate of the Caucasian persuasion belonged to a church whose minister (call him JimCrow White for the sake of argument) consorted openly with the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and arranged an award for the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. The same minister proclaimed that the Black people in New Orleans got a wake-up call with Hurricane Katrina. This minister’s replacement then welcomed a guest speaker who proclaimed from the pulpit, with the church’s tax exempt resources, that “There were a whole lot of Black people crying” because the candidate’s African-American opponent was behind in the polls. The latter remark draws a standing ovation from the largely white congregation, after which the minister says, “Thank God for the message, and thank God for the messenger.” There would be little question that this church was a racist hate organization, and Barack and Michelle Obama have belonged to such an organization for the past twenty years.

    Barack and Michelle Obama’s membership in a racist organization is entirely consistent with the Black Nationalism that Obama describes in his own book, “Dreams From My Father.” It is also consistent with Michelle Obama’s senior thesis, in which she says her principal commitment is to the Black community while describing the “problems” that come from racial integration. They joined an organization that they knew to be racist, and they remained in that organization despite its promotion not only of racism but hatred of the United States, hatred of Israel, and promotion of actual terrorists.

    (1) The Obamas joined the Trinity United Church of Christ about twenty years ago. This was after its pastor, Jeremiah Wright, had accompanied the prominent racist, anti-Semite, and Catholic-hating bigot Louis Farrakhan to Libya to meet with Moammar Khadafy. In other words, Wright’s support of Farrakhan did not come as any surprise to the Obamas, who probably agreed with it.

    (2) The Obamas remained in the Trinity United Church of Christ when

    * Its official bulletin published a blood libel that accused Israel of developing an “ethnic bomb” to kill Negroes and Arabs.

    * Its pastor blood libeled the United States by accusing it of developing the AIDS virus

    * Its official bulletin published a guest opinion piece from a Hamas terrorist named Marzook

    * Its pastor published a “War in Iraq IQ Test” that equated the United States to Iraq under Saddam Hussein

    * Its pastor wrote “state” of Israel in the church’s official bulletin, as in “so-called state of Israel.”

    * Its pastor said that the United States got a wake up call after 9/11, with the context suggesting that the United States deserved 9/11

    * Its pastor arranged a Trumpet Award to Louis Farrakhan

    * The church invited Father Michael Pfleger to give a guest speech in which he openly praised and defended Louis Farrakhan

    (3) The Obamas resigned from the church only when Michael Pfleger arguably misused the church’s tax exempt resources (just as Obama himself misused the United Church of Christ’s tax exempt resources by giving a campaign speech at its national synod in June 2007) by berating Obama’s Caucasian opponent from the pulpit.

    * The Obamas’ NEW pastor, Otis Moss, introduced Pfleger as a “prophetic, powerful, pulpiteer.”

    * Pfleger then made a speech about “white entitlement” and said, with regard to Obama’s lead over Hillary Clinton, “There were a whole lot of white people crying.” This drew unanimous applause from the audience, and a standing ovation from many. These are the same people with whom Barack and Michelle Obama have gone to church for the past twenty years.

    * Otis Moss, the Obamas’ new pastor, showed no embarrassment whatsoever about Pfleger’s hate speech or the likely misuse of the church’s tax exempt resources for electioneering. Moss said, “Thank God for the message, and thank God for the messenger.”
    A strong argument can be made that a church whose congregation and leaders cheer wildly for a remark like “There were a whole lot of white people crying” is racist, just like a church that would applaud “There were were a whole lot of Negroes crying” (with “Negroes” perhaps not being exactly the word the speaker used). Add to this the church’s support for a known racist, anti-Semite, and anti-Catholic bigot (Farrakhan) to get a very ugly picture, and Barack and Michelle Obama are ugly and central features of this very ugly picture.

    We actually agree with “Thank God for the message, and thank God for the messenger” because Pfleger’s message, and more importantly the Trinity United Church of Christ’s enthusiastic reception of this message, demonstrates that Barack and Michelle Obama have belonged to a racist organization that welcomes and cheers hate speech."

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  7. Plus they freak out when exposed to the light.
  8. Whats the other half?

    Chain smoker?


    lets face it, anyone that smokes is an imbecile.

    that he is still sneaking smokes is all you need to know.
  9. Not as bad as our coke sniffing, alcoholic current president

    McCain also used to smoke and his wife was addicted to prescription pills .She was also investigated by the DEA for stealing them and got off due to McCain and high priced lawyers(good to have a powerful husband and alot of money)