MKT Crashing Into 2008

Discussion in 'Economics' started by kalzayani, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. I did some monthly Data Forecasts for many
    Seems Most want to dive...World wide
    In Many MKT seems we at the top Levels these days
    The Most getting hit is the Asian MKT (IMO)
    HSI ...etc
    I think the austrialan index will trade at half it current value by dec 2008 (Not Looking good Traders!!
    Another bad hit is for Bombay Stock Sen Index
    Now this index should be trading around 8000 by June 2007

    So IMO...for next 2 years Think short would be a good idea
  2. why such a huge correction, so far off?
  3. because he has no idea what he's talking about so the best gamble is throw in a far off date.

    i should make a prediction market will correct huge by 2050.
  4. Then stay Long
  5. dude, market will totally r0x0r your s0x0rs by 2090 :D