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  1. Turok


    Finally figured out why the comedy level has gone down lately -- The Ztroll is definitely a prolific clown.

  2. you sound lonely.. like you just lost your BFFZz :p
  3. Turok


    LOL. Baron will get lonely and hit in the wallet soon -- post count will drop dramatically if he loses his best troll.


  4. get lost.

    your afraid Baron's can't make his rent??
    then why didn't you start your post like that?
    ROFL. what a maroon!
    your miss Zz haha too funny
  5. Perhaps when inmates are assigned to solitary confinement, their internet privileges are revoked.
  6. Turok


    >your afraid Baron's can't make his rent??


    >then why didn't you start your post like that?

    See above.

    >ROFL. what a maroon!
    >your miss Zz haha too funny

    Turns out he's not mizzzzzzzzzzing after all.

  7. no strawman here..

    out of the blue JB starts a thread

    ahh JB miZzez Zz

  8. Btw, where's brother jem?

  9. maxpi


    debating here.... take ZZZZZZZzzzadinfinitum off ignore to see if the thread is about him going missing or just get some sleep... i really need to sleep at some point... markets open early in CA, the house doesn't seem to be burning, besides the dogs should bark if it does, assuming they have not split for safer quarter somewhere, they all seem to have second homes somewhere, they dig out and are gone for days......... i can't make up my mind, must be the smoke inhalation thingy.... again... today... oh well, sleep is a good thing really... usually.. I have so many people on ignore nowadays that the site is nearly vacant.. maybe I should go do other things at times...... they could have a sound effect of echoes for when you have nearly the whole site on ignore........
  10. Turok


    Ahhh yes, our "favorite" (and I use the term loosely) lawyer wannabe.

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