Mixing widescreen monitors?

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  1. I have a chance to get an free upgrade from Dell to their E 207WFP 20" FP instead of their regular 19" FP.

    I wanted to know if anyone has successfully mixes and matched wide screen with non-wide screen monitors? By that I mean does it look normal for good viewing even though they are different. One ET member was nice enough to respond to a PM I sent him, he wasn't sure though either.

    I briefly tried this, maybe I didn't play around with the adjustment enough, and the fonts were much smaller on the 20" and then when switched I believe they had some stretching issues. I only tried a few minor adjustments and ended up returning the 20" wide screen I had before.

    I have to decide in the next couple of days. I appreciate the feedback in advance. TIA

  2. gnome


    Did Dell sell you a new computer with XP on it?
  3. Not since Vista came out. I tried again and again to get XP and they wouldn't budge. Even on the clearance/refurb stuff.

    Maybe someone knows how, but I was unable to get it done. I ended up getting a laptop at tigerdirect.com with XP Pro on it for a good price.
  4. No they didn't. I will have to use kill disk to wipe the HD out or maybe partition although I have never partioned a HD. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Their sale end Wed. so I have a couple of days to get this question answered.
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    Working fine here w/ 20", 20"w, 19", 17" all on one box (xp pro), and vertically.

    Try to adjust 20's setting. And depends on your v-card/driver – I use Nvidia’ s nView – do a “Sync All”.

    Personally I like to use 20w’s max resolution pixels and use 19” only for time charts.

    BTW don’t expect much help from Dell tech support. I called for some default BIOS info, the guy from the other side of globe said he had never heard of muti v-card and asked if I was a graphic designer... :p

  6. Thanks Chartie. Your post has me thinking. On my current CPU, I have on-board video, bought before I knew better, and a Matrox G200 4 head card. I don't know that if can synch, but I may run trading screens off of a high power GE Force dual head card I have and run the third monitor off of the ATI Radeon that I will be getting on the new CPU and just use the older CPU, still very fast, for my DOM and other stuff. I will have to check if my GE Force card can synch, as I haven't used it in a year.

    Yeah I love the Punjabi support. This last time I called the guy actually knew more than me, that's a first, and I am not that tech savvy as you can see by my thread. Funny thing he admitted Vista had problems and didn't recommend that. I am not used to such honesty by vendors.
  7. Chartie, a follow up question for you and anyone else that might know the answer. So I found my Dual Head card in the basement. It's XFX GF 6600 256 MB DDR Dual Video card with Nvidia drivers. It's PCI-E. I was looking at getting another Dual Head PCI card with Nvidia drivers. Chartie , do you believe that I can get the same Nvidia software with synch capability? I believe yes because Nvidia is Nvidia right, all the same. I should be able to get the same drivers as you I would think since I believe they are similar cards. I am just trying to do my due dilligence before I order. The Dell I am looking to get would have an open PCI and open PCI-E slot.

    Damn I wonder if that Dell will have enough power and power plug ins for both of those cards? Gnome are you there. I need more help please. You know all of these specs on cards and power supplies. I just have to get this figured out by tomorrow night, the sale ends Wed. A big thanks in advance. It is much appreciated.

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    I have one GF 6800 PCI-E Dual and two GF FX 5200 PCI Dual in one Dell box. All use Nvidia’s universal driver, which is one of the two main reasons I like Nvidia v-card (the other one is their nView Desktop Manager).

  9. chartie


    One thing I forgot to mention in previous post Dan - my box didn’t come with an onboard v-card, which I purposely avoided. But it shouldn’t be too difficult to be disabled. I’m sure Gnome will guide you through... :)

    Good luck.
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    There is no problem replacing Vista with XP Pro... the problem is in the device drivers. If there never were any XP drivers available for that mobo (chipset, audio, usb, etc...), you might have a hard time getting everything to work.
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