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  1. Kimbo slice is a joke and an embarrassment to the sport. Just like EliteXC. Hopefully it won't take much longer for them to fold.
  2. Im a boxing purist but i have to admit...Due to Don King, Bob Arum, Mike Tyson and the endless scandals of boxing i have become a little turned off by it over the last ten years...you never truly know who they will award a decision to becuase it is fixed at this point.....I started finally watching the UFC and mma and must admit...its really entertaining and there is great respect among the fighters ...I also love the fact that every time a 'favorite' fighter gets hit with a hard right hand the ref can;t come in like boxing and 1) give a standing 8 count 2) check with the score card 3) re-check the guys gloves 4) waste five minutes so the 'favorite" can recover and eventually win.....

    JUST when i was getting over the boxing fiascos and enjoying the MMA events..along comes the Kimno fight....the guy he fought had lost his last 7 strait fights.....yet he was kicking kimbos ass and clearly was superior at wrestling....yet for some unknown reason he came out for the last round..stood strait up..took one punch to an inflated ear and the ref stopped it....

    I guess Don King is into MMA as well:mad: :mad:
  3. The fight took place in New Jersey, what can I say. I don't know if you saw the prevoius fight with Rob Lawler, he poked the opponent in the eye accidently, but then the female judge called the fight for Lawler. This was terrible. Course you could make the same argument about pro basketball (traveling does not seem to exist), and someone is fouled every play. The judges and doctors can really effect the outcome; makes you wonder. I thought the Kimbo punch to the old cauliflower was pretty gross; thought it was just me and I have a pretty strong stomach. I won't be having a pizza puff any time soon.:eek:
  4. The Kimbo fight had a definite NBA officiating feel to it. Basically, Kimbo loses on national TV in their first event and they are out of business. UFC is far more credible. Occasionally there will be an odd decision, like when that English guy from Ultimate Fighter "won" a decision in their first card in the UK, after he got his butt kicked. But generally, it seems on the up and up.
  5. Kimbo is an asset to EliteXC and does pack the stands. Even if it is with some of the worst ghetto trash. Gary DeShaw has quite a reputation, so the outcome and fight is not much of a surprise. He will protect Kimbo no matter what.
    As much of an egotist that Dana White is, he is one right about one thing. This MMA game is not a joke and not as easy as it seems. Last UFC pay-per-view was excellent, one of their best. The EliteXC show was garbage. It definitely confirmed that UFC is the top MMA organization and levels above the rest.
    Too bad Pride is gone, that was legendary.
  6. I saw that fight. What a joke. The girl fight before it however was great. Let kimbo fight UFC. Then see what happens.
  7. Kimbo showed some nice escapes and sweeps on the grond, but had nowhere near the routine of James Thompson. When referee Dan Miragliotta stepped in to stop the fight, the crowd was outraged - just like all the fight fans. The only way anyone could have something to gain from what happened would be Dana White and Zuffa/UFC. The incident doesn't get any less strange when the judges' scorecards showed one judge giving the second round to Kimbo 10-9, while the other two judges had it 10-9 and 10-8 for James Thompson.

    Kimbo was losing when the referee stopped the fight, and had to body-tackle Thompson into the cage to hold him.

    Well, now - Affliction have signed Andre Pitbull Arlovski who will fight on the card with Fedor Emelianenko and Tim Sylvia at Affliction:Banned shortly. They also got Donald Trump on board for some business and promotional clout, and will probably not twitch an eye if Zuffa tries to strongarm some more. They are getting a very good heavyweight stack now, with Josh Barnett there too.
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