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  1. Hi! Anybody know where I can find a comprehensive listing of MITTS with their underlying strike prices, "annual adjustment rates" & maturity dates? Anybody have any experience trading these and have thoughts about them?


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  2. mitts are a merrill lynch product. look on the amex website under structured products:

    i have traded them when they go under nav but they are very thin and hardly ever move. they are a longer term play.
  3. Hi, and thanks. I've seen the Amex site, and know they have the maturity date there. What I can't seem to find is the "starting value" for the index on the day the MITT was issued (essentially the "strike price"). I need to know that starting value if I'm going to be able to calculate fair value of a MITT share at any given point. Also, I notice the "fine print" that seems to indicate the "adjustment factor" could reduce actual NAV by upwards of 13% when they MITT shares are cashed in. Am I reading that right?

    Thanks again!!

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